Thursday, 19 January 2012

On the up, Blue skies ahead!

Yesterday and today  have been pretty much wiped out with a headache which came on when I got in from work last night. I therefore did not manage a picture yesterday, but today I managed quite a few, so that makes up for it. I had to go on an errand in Hull and when I looked at the sky, it inspired me to take a few pics. 
This is the maritime museum, (housed in the former Docks Offices building,) then there is the city hall (which did get some bomb damage in the war)
and Ferens art gallery, all facing each other. (Applied a filter to this photo)
Hull so often gets a bad press, but there are plenty of fine buildings to see. I took these on my i-phone and emailed them to my PC. After visiting M&S to purchase my tea, I grabbed a sandwich and took it to the Humber Bridge viewing area, as the light was so good for photo's. 

The water was very choppy today, but the sunshine was great and I love taking these silhouette type pictures into the sun at midday - a definite no-no for some people! I have applied some Photoshop actions to a couple of them. Told you I made up for no photo's yesterday! These were all taken with my point and shoot digital camera, which I keep in my handbag now I am doing Project Life. Sometimes it is good to get out and photograph in our own region. I rarely go into Hull these days, but I don't have any photo's of it, although I have photographed the bridge before. The boat and the barge on the river today reminded me of my youth, as they go all the way up to Goole and Selby on this river and used to pass by the bottom of our garden. Watching the barges was something we did as children, sitting on the riverbank, there were a lot more around then! TFLx

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