Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Self portrait scariness!!

I decided to brave it and take some self portraits with my i-phone this morning using Instagram, bearing in mind the 'Project life' and 'photo a day' projects I have embarked upon suggest it! This is something I find really scary! I decided to use them as my profile pic too as I have not updated that for nearly two years!

I am quite liking the 'post fifty' laughter lines, more than I thought I would! (Pictures one and three have a filter on them.) A lot of my scrap booking has very few pictures of myself and after looking at Ali Edwards self portraits using a timer, I am sure that this needs to change! They are not that scary!
Tomorrow I hope to photograph my title page for project life, in daylight.
First day back at school today, training day. Really wintry weather again with high winds. TFLx

1 comment:

CoventryAnn said...

Great sp! Really flattering while showing you have had plenty of laughs!
I hate taking them too... always think I have too many chins!