Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Stash day!

Today started well at 7.30am with the delivery of my monthly scrapping kit. Not many extras this month, but I did purchase the grid background stamp, that I hope to play with tomorrow at some point, after work. 
Today was a work day and then two hours restraint training after work, so chilled out tonight watching cooking on Food Network! I did do a whole bunch of review layouts for my 50th year album, to catch up, last night, but did not see any daylight today to photo them! I am pleased with them as they all evolved differently. So, all my monthly collage layouts are done, in that way the album is complete. Still a few individual layouts to nail down. I was unsure at the start of the year, that I would complete it, but two AC albums later, the end is in sight! TFLx

1 comment:

SueB said...

How exciting to get a stash parcel through the post Caroline. I love the sound of your grid stamp, looking forward to seeing that, could you take a picture? I think thing perhaps could be something that ends up on my wish list too, lol!
Suzie xxx :)