Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Updating the heritage photo collection

We found some more old photo's at mum and dads house last week, when I was there, some I had not seen for ages, from when dad was young. Mum and dad called on Sunday and brought them for me to scan, so I can get a good look at them close up as they are rather small! I just get sucked right in, my investigating moves from one thing to the next, take this photo for example
This photo is my grandparents on honeymoon in Scotland! (No idea who the guy on the left is!) I was fascinated to see my Nana holding a copy of the Daily Mirror, as she waited for the next steamer on her tour of the Scottish Lochs. 
I tried researching the family tree and found out from the family tree they were married in July 1912. I researched the front covers of the Daily Mirror online for July and August, but did not find one that looked like this. I then decided to research the big news stories of 1912 and of course that was the year The Titanic went down and June was when they launched the official enquiry. The 5th Olympic games were held in Stockholm. They started in May with the tennis, then June with the football and ended in July. 1912 was also the year the Royal Flying Corps was established and there were lots of news stories about flight. 1912 saw Scott and his team reach the South Pole, all this I find out because my Nana was holding a copy of the daily paper.
So for todays picture I will search out and photograph a front page of a newspaper to reflect the stories of the day. Something that has stuck in my mind from the news recently, is the wreck of the Costa Concordia. In this day and age, how could this happen? In 100 years time will my grandchildren or great grandchildren be comparing these tradegies 100 years apart?
Scrapping the everyday in your albums is just as important when thinking of the minutia. How a label will change on a tin of soup, to the fact that we may not even have newspapers in the future! It will all be important. I am sure when my Nana took this photo, she was not aware of the changes ahead.

My Nana remembered the first motor car coming to her village and a man walking in front of it with a red flag! We also found this war bond postcard showing the new fangled tanks for the imminent war. What treasures. TFLx

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