Monday, 23 January 2012

Week 3 Project Life

This is the left hand page. I used my main photo of Barney on his 14th birthday and also a hand cut title from a file that Ali Edwards had as a free download. If you are lucky enough to own a die cutter, the file is available for that, but I printed it and hand cut it (yes, really) and added it to the layout along with a journaling card about the week. The pictures for this weeks pages are all done digi with dates from a set I bought over at o-scraps. I added some card stock stickers afterwards to the outside of the page protectors. I am not usually a digi or a hybrid person, but I am looking for new ideas as with this album I want to keep it as flat as possible and so I need to look to add dimension in other ways than I normally do. 
The right hand page has a 12 pocket protector filled with photo's that are sometimes one per day and in the case of the panorama photo in the middle, I cut it into four equal parts. The photo bottom left goes across two pockets too. I have not had much memorabilia in this album yet, so I added the receipt from my supermarket shop this week. Stickers are on the outside of the pockets again. A few photo's were from my i-phone this week and I used a photo of myself watching TV one night to convert to a pencil line drawing as it was very dark to use as it was and I was not really happy with it.
This was the whole double page spread as I finished it late last night. I consider them to be two halves, they are meant to be viewed independently. They don't have to match. I have gone back through the album and added Washi tape externally to the page protectors and used it over the edges where I felt there was a possibility that a layout might fall out. I have also added some tabs to the top edge of the 8.5x11 protectors.
I have downloaded some new 4x6 Paislee press cards for journaling and made my own templates in Photoshop for all the pocket sizes I am using, so that it is easier to adjust pictures and print out to an exact size. My Photoshop elements skills are improving with this project! Pity my photography isn't! Lol! Still working on that!
Here was I thinking this week had been a slow week! I still found plenty to fit in! Ideas for this coming week include a list of TV programs I am enjoying at the moment, as I don't often watch TV! TFLx

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