Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Spring has sprung!

Happy leap day! Noticed these little gems on my way to work this morning,. right outside my front door. Spring is in the air!
Got my hair cut shorter tonight as it has been driving me mad!
Lovin' my new red top from Asda too! Makes me happy! Hope to get my week 8 printed off tomorrow for Project life, getting a bit behind!

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Contrasting colours!

Not my usual colours, but this scheme appeals to me! Photo from here. Could use this on a layout. 
Studio Calico reveal day yesterday and despite a couple of technical hitches with the website going into meltdown, I did manage to get me two add on's this month! Don't often treat myself these days, but I had a bit of cash from eBay sales, so I treated myself! 
I got this add on that reflects the colour scheme above slightly
and this one

can't wait! 
Back to school today after half term so no crafting for me today! TFLx

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Project Life Week 7 - finally!

Just when I thought I would have loads of time, because it was half term, it has taken me all week to get these two layouts done!
The left hand page was all about Valentines day as it fell in this week, I thought I would use it as a theme. I created a page of an alphabet of valentine words using Wordle, to use as the background paper, the same words I had used in my valentine gift.
I included photos of our Valentine cards and used part of a Rose photo-postcard from Paperchase as a backing too.
The right hand page was a 4x6 page protector. I printed off four photos from the week, one of which was a collage photo I made in photoshop. If you have Photoshop Elements, you can download the 4x6 background file here, then just arrange your photos within the shape before saving as a JPG file and printing out normally, with your usual photo printing options. I printed on my Canon Selphy.
I cut up an October afternoon jounaling card into sections for the date and title cards and rounded the corners, then stapled them to each photo. I still needed to add my extended journaling, so I created two journaling cards to go behind the lower two photo's.
I used my new SC stamps that arrived to create journaling, interspersed with some of the stamps to  highlight. The day stamps are also SC that I have had some time.
I am managing to keep up with photo a day too, putting them in folders with the date on, so I have pictures to choose from for project life as well as a whole month in photo's at the end. 
I started a mini album yesterday, hope to get some more done this weekend. TFLx

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

I did it!!

I finally went and ordered a slide scanner last week, as the majority of my childhood is on slides not photo's! I just ordered a cheap one and when it came on Monday I was not convinced it was a good buy! The software would not work on my desktop, but finally I got it working on this laptop, so yesterday I sat there and went through the first batches of dads slides that I had brought home to view. I would not have seen gems like this one!
Me, aged 10. I did not remember my hair being that long! The quality is not fantastic and there are some scratches and marks on some of the slides but they have been in the loft. Nowadays, it is the fashion to add all these vintage filters to modern photo's anyway! I will just have to be careful not to print them out very big. Maybe I could have scanned them at a higher resolution? Not sure. 
Today however, I have nearly 150 photo's to look at with mum and dad, that I did not know about yesterday. Can't wait to share some of the "classics" with my sister either!! I thoroughly recommend you do it, if you have been thinking about it. For £30, I have discovered a whole new section of my life in photographs! Gave DS2 a laugh too! 
The other thing I have enjoyed about it, it seeing my parents at the same age I am now! Also, the fashions and remembering every item I wore and some I had forgotten, including favourite shoes! There is a mini album in all this somewhere! Fashion of the 70's and 80's??? Deffo!! Hours of Photoshop ahead of me now! Brill! TFLx

Monday, 20 February 2012

Weekend in pictures!

Been here,

and here!
Doing this!
 Went down memory lane to visit here,
and have a pint for old times sake,
had a great meal here,
 saw part of the "Birthday blaze" to celebrate 175 years here,
had a great weekend! TFLx

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Baby showers/baby flowers

Tonight I am going to a baby shower for someone at work so I decided to make and take a bouquet of baby sock flowers, amongst other things. I have made these sock bouquets before, but not with baby socks! Such cute rose buds! Just a bit different from the usual gift. I even found some Interflora ribbon in my craft stash! Us crafters keep everything! TFLx

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

All things pink!

Happy Valentines! I finally conquered Photoshop Elements and worked out how to pull colours from a picture to create a balanced scheme! The possibilities are endless! This photo taken from here is also on my Pinterest Valentine board. Great idea for a cake with a normal cake mix, divided and coloured using different amounts of safe food colouring! What's not to like?? More details on his blog. I am not a pink person normally, but I love the subtle shades of pink I pulled from this photo. All I need to do now, is use this scheme to create my Valentine layout!
On a roll now! My first Sepia tinted photo with 'eraser' tool used to rub the colour back in the jewel on the heart. Added a vintage photo frame digitally from Designer Digitals!
By the way, don't forget to check out Tim's 12 tags of 2012 starting today with the Valentine tag!
Don't forget, a cuddle's always good! Happy Valentine's Day and TFLx

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Project Life Week 6

One thing Project Life is teaching me, is how to be braver with Photoshop elements! I have certainly mastered this more since I started 2012! It is making me think carefully! This week I did some more 'fake Polaroid' prints and used some different filters on my Instagram photo's. I rediscovered Pinterest and created a Valentine inspiration board. I enjoyed that so much I used Photoshop to create a mood-board with links, for my blog. I was so pleased with myself, I printed it out for Project Life!

 Of course lots of photographs about the snow this week! The first proper snow of the winter. 
My journaling this week, is in a library pocket on this page. I made 3 library cards.
I cut them from single sided patterned paper and rounded the corners with a corner rounding punch. I stamped a journaling block on the reverse, using Jenni Bowlin's Weather Vane ink and a Studio Calico stamp. The front has a simple decoration of a fabric circle (Basic Grey) and a chipboard butterfly, both from recent SC kits. I used my Tiny Attacher to hold them in place. The journaling is handwritten, with a date stamp, giving a brief outline of the week's events.
One upside to being full of cold, is you can legitimately craft all day whilst drinking Lemsip and feeling sorry for yourself, with your big, red, sore, nose!
(I really must take the pages out of the protectors before photographing!) I am finding the scale of this album tricky to keep to a double page per week, but it makes me select the most interesting things. I try to balance photo's of family members with other things and am trying to include myself more if possible! There is so much to cram in, it is difficult to make them layouts in the normal way. I am not sure I have been up to date so quickly with the whole week before, but I am happy to be so. This week will certainly be a challenge, with an inspection at school! What a week to be full of cold!! TFLx

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Valentine projects (using my Pinterest pins as inspiration!)

Today I want to share some of my projects, made using inspiration from my Pinterest Valentine board.

For this one I used some Kraft card stock (but you could use any patterned paper or card as long as it is plain-ish on both sides,) to make the alphabet tags and then stored them in a brown paper bag, made using the download printable from Twig & Thistle. I thought that the alphabet tags said 'sweet' things so they fitted in this bag perfectly.
As usual, I had issues feeding the Kraft through the printer so I will give you all my tips!
First of all I decided on the sentences for my tags. I chose words from this list here. I managed something for nearly every letter of the alphabet, but not quite all. My alphabet list is here. Without cheating, there were a few letters I had to leave out. I have mad two word documents for you to download, the sentences and the letters. If you want to use the same font as me, you will need Gabrielle, free from Da Font.They need to be printed on the back of each other, so when you fold the tag over the letter is on the front and reads straight on to the sentence. I have jiggled about with them and they are almost perfectly aligned now!!
Step 1 - Attach an A4 piece of Kraft card to a piece of printer paper, using removable tape on the leading edge. Just leave a quarter inch of the paper showing, so it feeds into the printer easily. They will print off Landscape.
 Step 2-  Print the sentences.
 Step 3  - Remove the card from the printer paper carrier sheet carefully and turn it over, make sure you get it the right way around!!! The letters will be printed at the very top of the page.

 If you are unsure print a test piece on paper and fold to make sure it works!! It saves on card!! Believe me, I got it wrong 3 times!
 Step 4 - Score a line across the card 6cm from the alphabet letter and fold to the front. Then unfold again and mark out to trim the strips into even strips. I cut half-way between each strip then trimmed off the excess at the outer two edges to make each strip about 1.5 inches wide. Don't trim off the ends, that way your strips all stay the same length.
 Line them up to check they are all even and make any minor adjustments.
Step 5 - Using a Cropadile, punch a small hole and thread double linen string through and back through itself.
Step 6 - Cut a piece of brown paper to make the bag and stick it to a carrier sheet of printer paper using removable tape. Open the document you saved from Twig and Thistle above, click print and in printer options, make sure you print, page 2 only, at A5 and then click the orientation to landscape. Make a test print f you want before printing on your brown paper. When it comes out of the printer, fold to make a paper bag, overlapping a seam down the back and trimming the top and bottom using a wavy blade in your trimmer if you have one.
I secured the bottom of the bag with double sided tape then folded it to the front with more double sided tape.
Finally, you could add a heart stamp to the first tag.
This project would also make a great wedding gift.
The other project is similar, but could be used in a variety of ways.
For this one, I used a free digital download from here and copied and pasted them into a word doc. I opened a text box in each banner, one at a time and copied and pasted sentences from this list, you can download from me here. Again, you will need to have downloaded the Gabrielle font as used earlier, free from Da Font, to get it in the same font as mine, I used 11pt size. Make sure you make the text box border as "shape outline - no outline" or your text box will be black. 
Print them out on ink jet card and trim them carefully, before placing them in a white bag (made same as above) to draw out randomly throughout the day at 14mins past the hour or something! Or you could use them to leave around the house in various places as a trail! There are 20 love notes, but you can select just a few or make up your own. I added a heart to the first one!
Finally I made a prototype for the pop up card, but it got no further than this!
I drew it freehand and it looked great! How many Valentines do you need???? Have fun! TFLx

Friday, 10 February 2012

Valentine cards (using my Pinterest pins as inspiration!)

The other day I posted a link to my pinboard of Valentine ideas on Pinterest. Yesterday I took up some of those ideas and converted them into cards. I love the look of Kraft card so I chose to use that.

This card I made using my SC typewriter stamp. I typed a note using font 1942 report from Da Font, then I shrank it down to 9pt size and printed it off. You can download it here, but will have to have the font on your PC. By cutting a slit in and out of the picture, I was able to thread it through like a real typewriter. Inside I used the other part of my stamp to make the  greeting and highlighted the I and the U in red, then added a heart shaped jewel to the letter o. Simple but effective I think. I added ribbon, a decorative punched edge and the word valentine using my miniature type stamps and red ink. These could have been embossed if you wanted.
The next card was using the idea of love birds.

For this card I punched out a hear shape using my Fiskars squeeze punch and added a red patterned paper behind it. I stamped the two love birds from my Pink Persimmon pennant stamp set, using Chilli Red ink from Jenni Bowlin. I then added a small key (from an old padlock) and secured it on the front with thin ribbon. I used the same type font stamp set to stamp You.. hold the key to my heart.
The last card was using vintage the heart shaped card that folded back on itself as inspiration.

For this one, you need a small circle punch and a photograph. I used my SC 'you are here' stamp set too. 
For this card, I used the size of heart you can download here, but you could use any size you like. I folded a square card just big enough to fit the heart shape template on and held the fold on the right hand side of the card, before folding the front back over on itself, concertina style. I then punched the circle through the top layer only, drew around it through the hole so I could work out where to punch the next hole exactly, then did the same for the third layer, this way they all line up. I used the heart template to cut two heart shapes in patterned paper and added them to the insides of the card using glue stick. At this point you will need to re-punch through the circle hole as it has been covered by the patterned paper. Now ink all the edges of the card with a red ink pad. I hand wrote Valentine on the front, then stamped the sentiment in black inside the card and the arrow in red. The final trimmings were the photo and the ribbon decoration.
Tomorrow I will share the two project I made including some download links for you. You still have time to make something! TFLx