Thursday, 2 February 2012

Free Stuff Links, links, links!

When I started project life I was wondering how I would get on with it, but I love it! The hardest part is doing a photo a day, even if I don't use everyone. One of the things I mentioned at the start was organisation and after one month completed, it has certainly paid off. My photograph folder has a file for January and a file inside that for each day and my web browser has a folder in the favourites labelled 'Project life', that is full of good ideas and I noticed links from various places to free journaling card downloads. I had not realise I had collected so many! One thing I wanted to do with this project was to try and keep cost down to a minimum, so I put together my own album and kit. These free downloadable journaling cards, make it look more professional. So I thought I would share a few that I have found.

Some travel journaling, cards for a holiday week in your album, from Scrapbooks etc.
Some colourful ones here by MT. (scroll down for the free personal version download.)
Some here from Creating Keepsakes.
Some colourful days of the week cards from Cathy Zielske.
Some colourful cards to download that match this years album, from Becky Higgins.
More journaling cards here, from Creativity Prompt.
I already mentioned this site, but it is worth adding it to this list too.
Also some fab free fonts here, including Ali Edwards handwriting and Becky Higgins, from Creating Keepsakes.
Some more great scrapbooking fonts here, from Kevin and Amanda.
There are planners here, if you want to rough out your pages before you start.
A journaling card print guide here, so you can print on to your journaling cards exactly.
A Photoshop template here, for a Polaroid frame, from Creativity Prompt.

These are just a few I have collected so far! I am sure there are more out there! Please link me up to any you have found! TFLx
Today's photo - Pussy Willow beginning to open, on my walk this morning.


Sandra said...

Thank you for these links, I've actually been keeping Mine in pinterest, but as I'm not following the project life to the letter, mine are a bit more fluid :)

jeanie g said...

Thanks for the links much appreciated.