Wednesday, 22 February 2012

I did it!!

I finally went and ordered a slide scanner last week, as the majority of my childhood is on slides not photo's! I just ordered a cheap one and when it came on Monday I was not convinced it was a good buy! The software would not work on my desktop, but finally I got it working on this laptop, so yesterday I sat there and went through the first batches of dads slides that I had brought home to view. I would not have seen gems like this one!
Me, aged 10. I did not remember my hair being that long! The quality is not fantastic and there are some scratches and marks on some of the slides but they have been in the loft. Nowadays, it is the fashion to add all these vintage filters to modern photo's anyway! I will just have to be careful not to print them out very big. Maybe I could have scanned them at a higher resolution? Not sure. 
Today however, I have nearly 150 photo's to look at with mum and dad, that I did not know about yesterday. Can't wait to share some of the "classics" with my sister either!! I thoroughly recommend you do it, if you have been thinking about it. For £30, I have discovered a whole new section of my life in photographs! Gave DS2 a laugh too! 
The other thing I have enjoyed about it, it seeing my parents at the same age I am now! Also, the fashions and remembering every item I wore and some I had forgotten, including favourite shoes! There is a mini album in all this somewhere! Fashion of the 70's and 80's??? Deffo!! Hours of Photoshop ahead of me now! Brill! TFLx

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