Monday, 6 February 2012

Stamp organisation (again!!)

I have done this before, again and again and again, but as is always the case, one continues  the quest for perfect stamp organisation! Hubby's left over business card file was bursting at the seams! Having been in Studio Calico's kit club for years, & have amassed a large collection of small clear stamps. When I was doing my Project Life today, I wanted some stamps and got side tracked into making my latest re-organisation, using two albums from Paperchase. I bought them in the sale after Christmas. They are actually albums for 'take away leaflets' and 'restaurant business cards.' Oh that I should be that organised in my kitchen drawer and use them for what they are really meant for! No chance! They were made for crafting!
First of all I undid the binding wire slightly and removed all the pages and the covers. I then turned the covers inside out, so the nice matt black surface was on the outside. I then removed half of the pages (to make a second album and put back 10 page protectors interleaved with 10 white pages. I then re-bound the album using my BIA on a 1" wire setting.
I then popped an SC stamp into every business card pocket and then added a tie ribbon fastening, using my Cropadile and large eyelets.
Lastly I decorated the matt black cover, using one of my free Studio Calico advertising cards that sometimes come in my kit.
I now have volume 1 and volume 2 all nice and neat! Better keep my eye out a Paperchase for any more of these in the sale! I think more volumes will be needed!
By the way, the eat in take out book has longer pockets in, the short pockets are only in the Restaurant card file. I used the covers from both book, with just the pages from the Restaurant card book divided between the two booklets. I still have all the page protectors from the Eat in take out book to use with my own ideas. Some may appear as extra pages in my project life, to hold leaflets.
I have finished Week 5 of project life, but will hopefully photograph tomorrow in daylight. TFLx


jeanie g said...

Brilliant idea, can you come and help me with mine too? I'm in the middle of doing the same. My bed is covered in piles of stamps. I'll post how I've done mine when I've finished.

SusieJ said...

Inspired idea! I do so need to organise my clear stamps.
Hugs xx