Friday, 10 February 2012

Valentine cards (using my Pinterest pins as inspiration!)

The other day I posted a link to my pinboard of Valentine ideas on Pinterest. Yesterday I took up some of those ideas and converted them into cards. I love the look of Kraft card so I chose to use that.

This card I made using my SC typewriter stamp. I typed a note using font 1942 report from Da Font, then I shrank it down to 9pt size and printed it off. You can download it here, but will have to have the font on your PC. By cutting a slit in and out of the picture, I was able to thread it through like a real typewriter. Inside I used the other part of my stamp to make the  greeting and highlighted the I and the U in red, then added a heart shaped jewel to the letter o. Simple but effective I think. I added ribbon, a decorative punched edge and the word valentine using my miniature type stamps and red ink. These could have been embossed if you wanted.
The next card was using the idea of love birds.

For this card I punched out a hear shape using my Fiskars squeeze punch and added a red patterned paper behind it. I stamped the two love birds from my Pink Persimmon pennant stamp set, using Chilli Red ink from Jenni Bowlin. I then added a small key (from an old padlock) and secured it on the front with thin ribbon. I used the same type font stamp set to stamp You.. hold the key to my heart.
The last card was using vintage the heart shaped card that folded back on itself as inspiration.

For this one, you need a small circle punch and a photograph. I used my SC 'you are here' stamp set too. 
For this card, I used the size of heart you can download here, but you could use any size you like. I folded a square card just big enough to fit the heart shape template on and held the fold on the right hand side of the card, before folding the front back over on itself, concertina style. I then punched the circle through the top layer only, drew around it through the hole so I could work out where to punch the next hole exactly, then did the same for the third layer, this way they all line up. I used the heart template to cut two heart shapes in patterned paper and added them to the insides of the card using glue stick. At this point you will need to re-punch through the circle hole as it has been covered by the patterned paper. Now ink all the edges of the card with a red ink pad. I hand wrote Valentine on the front, then stamped the sentiment in black inside the card and the arrow in red. The final trimmings were the photo and the ribbon decoration.
Tomorrow I will share the two project I made including some download links for you. You still have time to make something! TFLx

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