Saturday, 11 February 2012

Valentine projects (using my Pinterest pins as inspiration!)

Today I want to share some of my projects, made using inspiration from my Pinterest Valentine board.

For this one I used some Kraft card stock (but you could use any patterned paper or card as long as it is plain-ish on both sides,) to make the alphabet tags and then stored them in a brown paper bag, made using the download printable from Twig & Thistle. I thought that the alphabet tags said 'sweet' things so they fitted in this bag perfectly.
As usual, I had issues feeding the Kraft through the printer so I will give you all my tips!
First of all I decided on the sentences for my tags. I chose words from this list here. I managed something for nearly every letter of the alphabet, but not quite all. My alphabet list is here. Without cheating, there were a few letters I had to leave out. I have mad two word documents for you to download, the sentences and the letters. If you want to use the same font as me, you will need Gabrielle, free from Da Font.They need to be printed on the back of each other, so when you fold the tag over the letter is on the front and reads straight on to the sentence. I have jiggled about with them and they are almost perfectly aligned now!!
Step 1 - Attach an A4 piece of Kraft card to a piece of printer paper, using removable tape on the leading edge. Just leave a quarter inch of the paper showing, so it feeds into the printer easily. They will print off Landscape.
 Step 2-  Print the sentences.
 Step 3  - Remove the card from the printer paper carrier sheet carefully and turn it over, make sure you get it the right way around!!! The letters will be printed at the very top of the page.

 If you are unsure print a test piece on paper and fold to make sure it works!! It saves on card!! Believe me, I got it wrong 3 times!
 Step 4 - Score a line across the card 6cm from the alphabet letter and fold to the front. Then unfold again and mark out to trim the strips into even strips. I cut half-way between each strip then trimmed off the excess at the outer two edges to make each strip about 1.5 inches wide. Don't trim off the ends, that way your strips all stay the same length.
 Line them up to check they are all even and make any minor adjustments.
Step 5 - Using a Cropadile, punch a small hole and thread double linen string through and back through itself.
Step 6 - Cut a piece of brown paper to make the bag and stick it to a carrier sheet of printer paper using removable tape. Open the document you saved from Twig and Thistle above, click print and in printer options, make sure you print, page 2 only, at A5 and then click the orientation to landscape. Make a test print f you want before printing on your brown paper. When it comes out of the printer, fold to make a paper bag, overlapping a seam down the back and trimming the top and bottom using a wavy blade in your trimmer if you have one.
I secured the bottom of the bag with double sided tape then folded it to the front with more double sided tape.
Finally, you could add a heart stamp to the first tag.
This project would also make a great wedding gift.
The other project is similar, but could be used in a variety of ways.
For this one, I used a free digital download from here and copied and pasted them into a word doc. I opened a text box in each banner, one at a time and copied and pasted sentences from this list, you can download from me here. Again, you will need to have downloaded the Gabrielle font as used earlier, free from Da Font, to get it in the same font as mine, I used 11pt size. Make sure you make the text box border as "shape outline - no outline" or your text box will be black. 
Print them out on ink jet card and trim them carefully, before placing them in a white bag (made same as above) to draw out randomly throughout the day at 14mins past the hour or something! Or you could use them to leave around the house in various places as a trail! There are 20 love notes, but you can select just a few or make up your own. I added a heart to the first one!
Finally I made a prototype for the pop up card, but it got no further than this!
I drew it freehand and it looked great! How many Valentines do you need???? Have fun! TFLx

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