Sunday, 4 March 2012

Seaside Paper bag album

I have finally finished my mini album, with the photo's from last October's trip to Southport.
I used 3 paper bags that my SC kit comes in (12") and some thicker card, with two sheets of October Afternoon paper, some Washi tape and some BG magnetic closures. I added all my photo's, plus some vintage postcards I bought when I was there. The tag on the front cover is 'East of India', but you could easily stamp your own. You may wish to assemble the mini album before sticking the photo's in, to make sure they end up the right way up!!

The cover was made from a long strip of card 5.5" x 12.5" scored at 5", 6", 11", & 12" from one end, then covered in patterned paper. I had to make an extra strip of paper on the closure, because the card was more than a 12" piece of patterned paper. On the inside of the cover, you can tape along each edge with Washi tape or add strips of paper.

The first paper bag was cut in half to make two, long strip, fold out albums, one for 3 pictures and one for four

I edged all open sides with Washi tape folded over the cut edges and the gusset edge of the paper bag.
The next paper bag was folded to take 8 6x4 photos and then the top left hand corner section was removed and all edges taped.
The next paper bag was covered in 8 photographs and the gusset of the paper bag was folded outwards to make the hinge. The excess was trimmed off after the first photo in the top left hand corner. 
To assemble, lay out the cover of the album and stick a 3 fold out album to the inside of the front cover on the left.

The other3 bags are to be glued on in the following order.
First the bottom section goes on, using double sided tape.
Then the top right hand album bag goes on using double sided tape on the underneath of the bottom left hand section.

Finally the 4 fold straight album goes on.
Stick double sided tape on the underside, then when it is glued in place cover the spare section with an additional photo.
All bags should open like this
 Bottom section, first fold down
 Bottom section second fold down
 Top section first fold out
 Top section second fold up

 Finally the inner strip section fold out to the left. 41 pictures in it!
All sections folded back up and magnetic closures applied to top section overlap.
I hope this has not been to complicated in my explanation! TFLx


Dawn said...

Fabulous, never seen such an interactive book. going to have a go at making one for my photos from my summer holiday 2 years ago!

Sandra said...

You give such great tutorials

Anonymous said...

Wow ! What a great album.....Mgt.