Sunday, 29 April 2012

Bad, bad, bad blogger!!!

I can't believe I have not had time to blog this week! After I promised myself I would blog everyday!! I have been busy designing some Jubilee/Olympic items for my Etsy shop!
 I have got the hang of the Studio software now! This is a pen draw and cut.
 This is a print and cut larger scale...
 and smaller scale,
and a die cut Union jack. 
 All packaged up and ready for my shop, vintageadvantage.
I also used this silhouette file to cut a couple of union jacks, which I have glued together to make an embossing folder!
Still not perfect yet but it's coming!
Talking of London, DS2 is back in London for his final audition for Dance school.
and talking of trains, Ds 1 was home this week after handing in his final dissertation for his degree and before his final exam.
Can't believe he is coming to the end of his three year degree. So proud of both of them. TFLx
P.S. I promise some crafty posts this week.

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SueB said...

You're not a bad blogger at all, not sure I could post everyday either, lol!
Love your journaling tags, and have just had a peek at your Etsy shop, everything is wonderful!
Well done to both of your Sons, you must be so proud!
Suzie xxx :)