Thursday, 19 April 2012

Organising the little things in one space!!!

When I started out on Project Life, I mentioned being organised would help you achieve it, and I gave out some tips here. I have since developed my technique somewhat and my embellishments box has turned into an RUB!

This is partly because I scrap sometimes upstairs in my craft room and sometimes downstairs next to the PC so this is an easy box to grab and walk with!
We all have bits and pieces we collect and things left over from kits we have not used, our go to inks and a few stamps. Here is how I have them.

Hubby kept giving me his empty business card boxes and I used them to divide up the space within the RUB. These are not all of my supplies, just a few of each type, like brads, Washi, die cut shapes, chipboard shapes buttons, ribbon, tickets, twine, gems, pearls, flowers etc, etc. Sometimes I will print something to use on a layout and then decide not to, they are all here! It may look organised, but I can thoroughly recommend it. It helps get Project Life done! TFLx

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SueB said...

This is fantastic!!! I am forever sorting out my stash, and always on the hunt for the perfect storage solution :) Love how this keeps everthing to hand, and easy to pick up for on the move. Does the lid shut? or do you leave it open? Well done with all your project life work, everything is really beautiful!!!

Just a quick question, I like many seem to have loads of "old" stash from kits. Nowadays, I tend not to buy the big kits, such the ones a few years back from QVC that would have thousands of bits and bobs, most of which I never used, lol! I have a tiny box room, and although I like to work where I can find everything easily tend to end up in an awful mess.
Would you store away old stash (say in the attic?) knowing they are there, if ever needed. And then have less in your craft room, which you know you will use, and easier to find? I'm considering doing this, just wondered what you tend to do.
Hugs Suzie xxx :)