Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Project Life Week 15!

Still keeping up! I am surprised with myself and secretly quite happy that I have stuck to this project! This week I trimmed a 12 pocket page protector down to 9 pockets by taking the top row off with my trimmer, so I could add an extra page for more journaling and small photo's as the other pockets were big and filled easily! It was Easter this week, and I wanted to add some Easter cards from my mum and sister, as well as another from a pupil at school with my name on the envelope. 
I also decided to add a photo of my new dress and some details about it, including the label. In the future, the style and the price might be interesting!! I wore it for dad's 88th birthday party so a collage of all the family, at the Sunday Lunch is on the facing page.
For the journaling, I created a background blank, the size of the pocket on my 12 pocket page protector, in Photoshop Elements and typed up the journaling with my CK Ali's handwriting font. I printed it on a sheet of A4.
I was then able to glue a piece of patterned paper on the top of this with re positional glue, to feed it through the printer again, so it typed on my American Crafts Neapolitan paper. I alternated the journaling cards with cut down versions for my Instagram photo's for the week. I also cut this cute mat using a Craft Robo and some Kraft card stock.
I do want to apologise for the break in blogging during the Easter break, this was not deliberate, it just happened. Hope to be back on track now. TFLx

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