Sunday, 22 April 2012

Spring Cleaning!!

I have been thinking about it for a while, but now I have finally persuaded hubby to help me move my craft desk from the small bedroom upstairs, down into my home office - a tight squeeze!! This is because I anticipate a lot of crafting near the PC if I get a Cameo for my birthday (here's hoping!!) so, in anticipation of needing to have everything on hand, we did it!! I now have two desks!! One for PC use and one for crafty use!
I really enjoyed myself on Friday night, designing some items with my Studio Software, to put in my Etsy shop and it occurred to me that I am spending more time down here and less time up there, in the craft room! I knew both desks were from IKEA and oak, so they matched, so I thought it would look OK. It's tight, but I can just fit them in with my chair moving between the two. Since this photo was taken, Barney has now got his basket under the far table as he needs to be here with me!! I have spent most of the day running up and down stairs with stash and although I can't fit it all in, I have got the basics right here to hand!Even the two IKEA desk lights match! Perfect! All I need now is for my Cameo to move in!!! LOL! It is therapeutic purging your stash and it focuses the mind! 
I also think my lack of 12 x 12 scrapping was because I had nowhere to store them! I moved the bookcase out of the office, upstairs and now have all my albums together in one place! The kitchen dresser has been reclaimed from albums and I can store extra stash in those cupboards for easy access. I have put all my embossing items together in a storage box, all my die cutting items together in another and all my punches (apart from my favourites) in another! I love being neat and tidy! It gives me a great feeling! TFLx

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SueB said...

Oh my goodness, how funny, I have just today popped some pics of my craft room on my blog, and also have a dog called Barney.

If you fancy a peek you will see both, but need to go back a bit to find a pic of Barney, here's my blog address...

Your room is lovely, and how wonderful to have two desks! I struggle with that too, and would love more work top to craft on. Can't moan though, as I finally have a craft room, which is wonderful.
I have huge trouble keeping it tidy though, as it's so very small, but do love it, and find I tend to still craft on my kitchen table for larger projects. It is lovely to have everything in one place.
Suzie xxx :)