Thursday, 17 May 2012

Don't overlook the obvious! project Life week 19

This famous lady - Amy Johnson, was from Hull and I have been shopping to Hull many times and never noticed her statue before, until last Friday!
Here is the page I made with it.
I snapped this photo on my visit to Hull last Friday and it prompted some research on the net, as I had forgotten a lot of what I knew! How often do we overlook the history in our own backyard!! I met up with friends in town and we went to Pizza express for lunch as a celebration for my birthday. I snapped this statue and Pizza express and totally forgot to snap my friends!!

This is how the double page spread looked. The left hand side was four 6x4 photo's, two of which I did as collages, using Picasa. One was my NSD layouts from last weekend.
The other was a round up of things growing well in the garden, then a photo of the new walnut plinths hubby and I did to update the kitchen units last weekend.
Our pear wood units are difficult to match and the plinths were a mess. These walnut plinths blend nicely with the high gloss brown worktops we added a few years ago and overall I am very pleased with the result for not too much outlay!! We don't normally do DIY so this was a major achievement to do it ourselves too! 
Is anyone else out there still managing to keep up to date with Project Life??? By the way, don't forget to open your eyes to what is local to you and get out there and photograph it!! TFLx

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