Saturday, 19 May 2012

I am delighted to announce the safe arrival of......

Camilla the Cameo!! I asked for birthday money from all my family and they came up trumps! So thank you to mum and dad, sister and both sisters in law and my two boys and of course hubby who added the final amount!! I can't wait to get cracking!! Watch this space!!Just need to reorganise a little to fit her in, but she can live here when not in use, on top of my IKEA mini drawers covered in lovely Sass papers!
Talking of reorganising, I spent some time yesterday getting my ribbon stash under control. I wound up the lengths and stapled each one with an SC card I had saved.
Quite a lot of work, but now takes up much less space! Ribbon has fallen somewhat out of favour but I use it to trim mini albums and things so I still needed it accessible. It has moved from an open basket on the desk top to a CD drawer out of sight, but I can still see at a glance what I have. More to the point, they are not all knotted up!! TFLx

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