Friday, 18 May 2012

The patchwork layout - how I made it

This layout I did for NSD has caused quite a stir and was featured on the home page on UK scrappers this wee. I have had some people ask me how I did it, so I am going to share it here, now.
First my inspiration. The challenge was to use triangles in a layout, so I went straight to Google Images, as I often do and googled triangle inspiration, lots of pictures came up and I was taken by this one and the second picture down by red pepper quilts.
I got a collection of scraps of papers and I was pretty random with my choice of colours here. I then cut each piece down to a 2" x2" square, using my Fiskars paper trimmer and if I got more than one square from the double sided paper I turned one square over to have even greater diversity of patterns. I then cut each square in half diagonally with my paper trimmer.This gave me a whole load of triangles.
I cut some strips of card stock and made some patterned strips inverting the triangles as I went along, each strip was five triangle long. I taped these in place. These then joined together to make a square shape which I centered on my background Kraft card stock and taped it down using dst.I was then able to position my photo and tuck four triangle under it. Having completed the two inner layers, I went on to  make some more triangle strips for the outer set. To place these evenly, I added my corner triangles and then was able yo space the outer strips so the background card stock was showing equally, either side. (I do hope this is making sense!!)
Finally I wanted to add some stitching and buttons to add dimension, but my sewing machine was inaccessible at the time, so I cheated and used my Fiskars stitching punch. I punched strips of Kraft based patterned card stock and then trimmed them into narrow strips which I applied with foam pads for dimension. A handful of buttons were dropped randomly on the layout and then glued in position after tying some of them with linen thread so they look stitched. More dimension was added with a few triangles, around the central photo, on foam pads and some stitching rub-ons across each corner.
I hope that explains more how I did it!! TFLx


SusieJ said...

This is an amazing LO Caroline.
Thank you so much for the "how to" - I'll definitely be giving this a go!
Hugs xx

AnnieC said...

Thanks for sharing your ideas - I will definitely give this a go! It's beautiful!!!

P'tite Plume said...

Very great and beautiful work!