Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Permission to scrapbook?

How are you hoping to spend National Scrapbook Day 5.5.12? This Saturday there will be lots of challenges on the web to join in with, to help celebrate. My children have still not come to terms with my need to photograph and scrap everything, but I am determined to keep going! I will try to complete some over at SC.
In my continued quest for the perfect craft situation within our house I am still rearranging furniture. I have moved things around all weekend and gradually I am getting organised.
Here is an idea I got from somewhere on the web, about organising scraps of paper. I have tried various methods, but this seems the best so far. OK it may be a lot of work to start off with, but once the system is up and running it is neat, tidy and I use them!!!
You need a sturdy box to arrange you paper scraps in. Develop a rule that a decent sized piece can be kept and the smaller pieces can be placed in a box for children or in my case the school card club, to use. 
This box was one that hubby got some socks in, for Christmas. A sturdy box, about 7" long and the pieces of paper are about 4" high. I went through my scraps box and trimmed anything big enough to those dimensions and then purged the leftovers. I arranged the papers in colour coded sections, with a tabbed divider. I now have small pieces to hand for mats or punching out shapes. At the front of the box, I have my growing SC advert cards collection, that are just too nice to throw away! It may seem like a lot of work, but this box takes up hardly any space! Purging is good! Tomorrow I  must finish off Project Life week 16, I have almost done it! TFLx

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SueB said...

Hi Caroline,

Gosh! this is a very neat little box of scrap paper.
Like you, I have tried many ways of storing and sorting my scraps, but boy, they just keep coming, lol!

I have a basket, and have sorted into clear pockets, mostly by colour,
I also have a smaller, little picnic style basket with lid, that I keep my much smaller scraps in too.

I think you are very brave to purge! But it's looking great! and sounds like it's worth doing.

I'm finding though, since starting my Smash books, I am using lots of my old scraps, and soooo much of my older stash too, which I think would have just continued to sit in boxes forever more, lol!

Using them feels good, but also nice to purge once in a while :)

Suzie xxxx :)