Friday, 11 May 2012

Project Life week 18!!! Yay! Still up to date!!

I was reading a tweet yesterday from Julie Fei-Fan Balzer to Dina Wakley, which said "my best project life advice, Don't Fall Behind!!!" so with that I put the finishing touches to last week's pages. (By the way I tweeted a lot of pictures of my crafting yesterday, if you want to look - check out the sidebar or follow me on Twitter. I am cannycrafter.
This time the week consisted of a full page and a 4 pocket page protector, partly because I did not have much to say about this week, it has been a pretty low key week. The full page spread is a photo of my friend who had a hip replacement on the Monday and came home on the Wednesday and walked around to my house on the Thursday!!!! I think she is going for the quickest recovery ever, but she is only 46!!! 
I used a full packet of the JB hexagon stickers and the negative space it left behind, to make a honeycomb grid.
The right hand page has some details of the layouts I did for National Scrapbooking day (May 5th) and a collage of everyday photo's I took last week. I also managed to snap DS2 before he went out on a birthday night out for his friend and had it in the album by the next morning!! He was amazed!! Thanks to my Selphy printer! (Best eBay find ever for £5)
Yesterday I awarded myself a crafty day. I have had a hard week work wise this week, so I needed to de-stress. Celine Navarro's "Get Messy" class was the perfect thing. I had bought the class, but not started it, so I made a start yesterday and "Got Messy!"
Not something I have found easy!!! I don't like messy fingers I have found!!! Used a whole pack of wet wipes and kitchen roll already!!! Will keep you updated with how I get on!! TFLx

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