Monday, 28 May 2012

What a hectic time!

One son completes his degree and comes home and the younger son finds out on the same day that he has auditioned successfully for two dance schools in London and has achieved a scholarship towards his course if he chooses not to do the degree option! I am so proud of both of them and we have been celebrating with the grandparents.
I have been 'sooooooooooooo' living on the edge for more weeks than I can remember, hoping to achieve this successful conclusion for both of them and finally we have reached this goal and both hubby and I are extremely proud of them! What an exciting time! In these times of uncertainty, with not many job prospects in the recession, it will be difficult for both of them to find their way, but I am sure they have the will to succeed.
The audition process for dance school, started for DS2 way back in October, with various stages and recall auditions and learning different songs and monologues. Out of the six he auditioned for, he was actually awarded a place a four. He thinks he will go to the first one he auditioned for way back in October!!
For DS1, this day is also a milestone. For a child with Dyspraxia, to go to University was a huge step for him and to actually complete the course, whatever the classification, will be a milestone in itself! He has also achieved independence and maturity far beyond what I imagined and has learnt to stand on his own two feet, pay bills, run a bank account and feed and cook for himself - all essential life skills. I hope to any other parents of a special needs child, this will be a beacon of light, because back in the early days of his life, (as I have mentioned many times before) I was told he might only be able to sign his name on a cheque, but that might be all he could do! 
 Both boys are a total contrast to each other. Both unique in their own way. Proud mummy moment! TFLx


SusieJ said...

Thoroughly deserved proud Mummy moment!
Well done to both your boys.
Mine has finished his degree too (just waiting for the results) but has not come home...:(
Since he didn't read until he was 7 (a visuo-spatial problem) he too shows what can be achieved with hard work.
Hugs xx

Dawn said...

Congratulations to both sons, what an achievement. You have every right to be proud parents! Best wishes to the boys for the future!