Monday, 18 June 2012

Carolina Pulled Pork - on the BBQ! & Happy Father's day!

Yesterday was our big family lunch for DS2's 18th birthday and it happened to coincide with father's day! I fancied doing something a little different for the food and had a go a smoking a pork shoulder or two on the BBQ! But being the typical British summer on Saturday!!!!
Hubby and I stood outside under the golf brolly waiting for it to smoke! I looked it up on the Internet and you needed to smoke it for about an hour, over indirect heat. I put a dry rub on the joints and then soaked the smoking chips in water then set it all up on the BBQ. It too longer than I thought for the smoking chips to get smoking, but if I did it again I would know how to do it now. That was the first stage completed on Saturday.
On Sunday they needed long slow cooking, basting with a wet "MOP" for about 5 hours, which I did and I was very pleased with the finished joints!

They were so tender, you could pull them apart with two forks, hence the name, pulled pork.
Serve inside a large roll with apple sauce, and you have your own pseudo hog roast. I just had to do lots of salads.
Happy fathers day to hubby.....
 and my dad! TFLx
P.S. today the Olympic flame is coming to Beverley, hoping to get there and take some pics for Project Life.

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