Friday, 15 June 2012

Tonight is the white rabbit party!!!

Had fun today prepping for the 'prinking' party for ds2's 18th birthday tonight. They are pre-drinking here before heading to a nightclub in town. The white rabbit theme came about because he works at the white rabbit chocolate shop!
I have made a PInterest board with ideas here and then made a few items.
'Drink me' jars instead of glasses!
A sign for the door to greet the white rabbits!, cut with my Cameo.
Bunting made from some free papers with carrot tops cut with my fringing scissors.
The door sign in situ with a large pocket watch and carrots to add to the decoration!
The large pocket watches I cut with my Cameo.
A white rabbit candle I made by transferring an image with my heat gun.
Another shot of the carrot bunting!
My 3 tier crisp dispenser, made to look like a cake! The artificial grass and the Glow jars I made, by breaking glow sticks inside empty jars.
More carrot bunting with carrot tops cut on the Cameo this time. Great fun! TFLx


jakamoo said...

Loving your Drink Me labels and the carrot bunting made me laugh - v cute! Hope the party went well Caroline!

P'tite Plume said...

Cool idea, beautiful!

CoventryAnn said...

Fantastic decorations :)