Sunday, 24 June 2012

Week 24 Project Life

Project life for week 24 was a hectic week! With having DS2's 18th birthday, there seemed to be loads of photographs! The right hand page was 3 photo collages of 6x4
 The top one was of our family meal out. The middle one was of the actual 18th birthday and the bottom one was of his White Rabbit party.
I overlaid the page with an empty page protector containing some birthday die cuts I made using my Silhouette. I have often admired Ali Edwards doing something similar with transparent pages so I wanted to give this a try. The left hand page is a sort of noticeboard of other photo's from the week.
I chose this 'wood' look paper background, then attached various photo's with a brad in one corner, so they looked like they were drawing pinned on a board. The dates were stamped with my AC stamp and then stapled on with my Tim Holtz tiny attacher. As I had no room for my journaling, I used the leftover strip of wood paper to make a very thin journaling strip between the two pages.
It flicks over as an extra page. Remember, pictures without words are relatively useless to the future generations!! I am up to date, but now I need to start week 25! as it came to a close last night at midnight!! Got to get those Olympic torch photo's scrapped!
I have just finished my lesson 4 of Jessica Sprague's class and designed a blog header.
I enjoyed making it! I may have a go at a new one, but I will see how I get on for time!
I certainly know a lot more about my Photoshop Elements after this course, which can only be a good thing! Just need to give myself more time and get the light right taking my photo's in the first place!!
Spent today unpacking and washing lots of stuff DS1 brought home when he finally emptied his Uni house for the very last time. Finding spaces to put them has been a challenge and several visits to the tip! On the plus side, I have gained a small chest of drawers for my craft supplies, on the minus side, my washing machine has been on all day!! I have even washed a double feather duvet!!

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SusieJ said...

Happy belated birthday to DS2!
Love these pages - great idea to use the page protector.
And well done on understanding Photoshop....I'm a novice with this sort of programme...:(
Enjoy having DS1 home....our boy is staying in Bristol...:(
Hugs xx