Thursday, 12 July 2012

A new baby!!

Having sold my car at the end of May, I have been on my bike for a month and this week have taken delivery of my new baby!! A Fiat 500c, on the wettest day ever, I pick up a convertible!!!
I then had to drive it home in the rush hour!!! Phew! Managed to get it home safe and into the garage!!
Yesterday it was a little bit brighter by the time I came home form work, so I was able to open the roof a little bit!
It is Pearlescent white with chrome mirrors and I love it!! The retro vibe suits me down to the ground!! I am supposed to be sharing it with DS2 before he goes away to dance school in London, so I am not expecting to see it much!!! Not added him on the insurance yet! This is all part of our money saving package, it is so cheap to tax, insure and run it!!
I have been very busy at work, which seems ironic when we break up next week for the summer holidays, but there is so much to do before the end of term!! Crafting has gone out of the window and I have even missed a couple of days with my Photo a day project!!
If I get time, I have last week's project life to do and a mini album for someone who is retiring at work next week, as well as everything else!!
I can't believe having DS1 back home again has catapulted my washing and ironing figure through the roof! Surely one more does not make that much difference! He took me jogging for the first time last Monday and I am still recovering! Not a good idea to take it up at 51!!! I did pace myself and thought I would be OK with all the biking I have been doing (daily) but it was my ribs that killed me!! All that deep breathing and maybe I need a stronger sports bra!!! Used muscles I did not know I had! Kept me awake all Monday night!! All because I put on two pounds because we ate out twice last weekend (unheard of for us, just coincidental!!) 
Today I am faced with going in to school on my day off to get lets of summer holiday homework photocopied and ready to hand out, 52 individual sets to be precise! My goodness what a job that's been to sort out! I have washing load number one in the washer and need to get the dog out, but apart from that....... TFLx

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