Saturday, 28 July 2012

Wasn't it amazing!

 I photographed the TV for my Project Life!
 I want to watch it again!

I thought it was brilliant! A brief history lesson of Britain!
We were a nation of farmers until the industrial revolution! Love how they forged the Olympic rings and those "dark satanic mills".
Loved that Mrs Pankhursts relatives were playing her part in the tribute to' rights for women.'
I think it was great that they celebrated our invention of free health care, our wonderful children's literature, JK Rowling, Lewis Caroll et al and how they linked Peter Pan with Great Ormond Street and the NHS was brill, how it flowed. (Loved the glowing beds)
I loved that the 'Chaos' signing choir sang the anthem!
I thought it was amazing that the English scientist who invented the world wide web was there and should be thanked for it, particularly in this digital age! The tribute to pop music through the ages that touched every generation - I loved that my children think a lot of modern songs are new when they are reworked form our youth! (This was my least favourite part too by the way, but probably meat most to our youngsters!)
Our very British humour was also an excellent addition!
The symbolic doves were amazing too, with the touch of ET riding off into the sky!
The lighting of the torch was wonderful and how it all combined into that one Olympic flame, so wish I had been there! That drumming must have sounded fantastic!
Can I ask which parts were difficult for others to understand? I am interested, was it the British History part?
When interviewed about his concept the director said they sat down with blank paper and though what does Britain mean to everyone, from the fair play cricketers to the James Bond parody with her Majesty, did they miss anything out? I can't think of anything and I never expected to be this enthusiastic about it!!!! TFLx

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I saw in the TV and I found really magnificent!!!