Friday, 6 July 2012

What is Dyspraxia? It's a 2:1!

The graduation results are in and I am delighted to announce that DS1 got a 2:1 and we are going to Leeds University for the graduation ceremony a week on Monday!  
Can I just remind you, this is my elder son with Dyspraxia!!!!! For all you anxious mums out there, there is no ceiling on achievement for the special needs child!!! We are getting this message loud and clear at work now and this just bears it out! If any of you have been following my blog from the start, you will know that this journey has been a long one and there have been times of heartache and despair along the way, the phone calls at midnight saying "what am I doing here, it is too hard for me what was I thinking?!!!" to the elation that a lecturer had given him encouragement to believe in himself, all I can say is, I am so, so proud of his achievement and I will be the one there on that Monday, with a tear in my eye!!
We all hope for the best future for our children and I was just the same as all the other parents. When he was given no hope of writing, I refused to believe it; when he failed to register any marks on his mock Year 6 SAT in Maths, I tutored him and he got a level 4. When GCSE's became too tough, we worked night after night at home and every weekend - something I later questioned if I had done the right thing, when he had 11 GCSE's and I had a mini breakdown in the process. I felt like I had stolen his childhood and put too much emphasis on learning, albeit for the right intentions, I wanted him to get Maths and English GCSE so that jobs would be open to him.
We bought him a moped age 16 so he could learn road sense before he tried to combine it  with driving skills, he failed the training first time, but got it the second. We set up a plumbing apprenticeship for him as he left school at 16, then during the summer holidays the plumber went bust and he ended up signing on for sixth form as something to do at short notice. 
He passed his driving theory test at the second attempt and then went on to pass his driving test first time, after hours of extra work with hubby to get him over the line.
He went through sixth form totally unaided by me, I decided I had done my bit and now it was time to stand back. He achieved his A levels and sufficient points to get on the BA Sports Journalism at Leeds Trinity, the degree being awarded by Leeds Uni and here we are, at this day, a day I had not ever thought would happen, I hoped for a 2:2 and here is the official result, 2:1!
I am overawed by his achievement, I am humbled by his determination, I am fantastically proud of his growth and maturity. I used to worry what would happen in the future, if we were not there for him, but now I know, he does not 'need' us in that sense of the word, He is a truly independent adult, who I am so very proud of.
"The boy done well!"
Thanks for looking and reading all of this, I just put it out there to help any others who have doubts, DON'T! He has always been one who gets there in the end, it just takes him a little longer to get the hang of things, but he sure puts you through it!!
Now to get a job!!! Tricky!!!!  X
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SusieJ said...

Many congratulations to DS1!! He's done really, really well!
I too have had my proud Mummy moment...our DS also got a 2:1 (in History) and we'll be at his graduation ceremony in Bristol Cathedral on 19th July.
This is the boy who was almost a school refuser, who didn't learn to read until he was 7 and we taught him (it took his first teacher 18 months to realise he's left handed).
Having a special need (he has a visuo/spatial problem) does not mean failure!
I'm proud of the boy and the adult he's become.
So, well done again to your DS- I know he'll have worked harder than most of his friends. Good luck on the job front too!
Hugs xx

Dawn said...

Congratulations to your DS! Thats fabulous news! Just goes to show you taught him well!

Anonymous said...

Well done to both of you for all your hard work together & a special Congratulations to DS1.....Mgt.