Monday, 27 August 2012

Up to date!

It was my mission to get project life up to date and I managed it this week! This was week 33, the week that DS2 got his A level results, so plenty to write about here. 

I used an envelope from one of his congratulations cards, to hold a mini album of photo's from Pizza Express, where we celebrated. I also included some of the star confetti out of another of his cards, in a glassine envelope.
The left hand page included some of the things from his visit to Beverley Races Ladies Day including his ticket, and a rare self portrait of myself in silhouette. 
I am finding it increasingly difficult to limit each week to a two page spread, sometimes I have to get creative with extra half pages and hidden mini's but I am sticking to it. My worry now is that I am going to stray into a third album! I wanted to keep it to two! 6 months in each!
Of course I am saying I am up to date, but yesterday was Sunday, so I now have another week's photo's to scrap!! Lol! Started another altered book mini album yesterday, hoping to do a bit more today. TFLx
Just printed off the BBC news story of Neil Armstrong dying yesterday, a man connected with my earliest world event memory from my childhood, a very brave man.

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