Thursday, 6 September 2012

He's leaving pictures

We've been on a trip to London, to take DS2 to dance school. (with 8 cases!!)

We got him settled in to his new pad after hitting Oxford Street for some essential supplies and picking up his dance uniform at Capezio in Covent Garden. We did a 'big shop' for him close to St Pauls in a mini Sainsburys.

We ate some nice food at half price, courtesy of the 'Tastecard' (very handy indeed) in some nice restaurants! It was a great weekend.

We moved him into his student accommodation with all of the student necessities we had purchased from IKEA, Matalan and Meadowhall.

Then came home late on Monday night exhausted, from King's Cross!
What a busy weekend! We have been doing what a lot of families are doing this month. DS1 has also got a part time job this week, and I have been back to school, so all in all, a lot of changes! What a year to be doing Project Life! TFLx

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