Monday, 24 September 2012

Week 37

Project Life is coming together, I love looking back on  it! I have made two slideshows of the album so far in the side bar.
I cut the Autumn title with my Cameo and made a couple of collage prints that were 6x4.
I also used a lot of stamps on these two page too.
I like using the ability to photograph the screen on my iPhone to capture details of text messages, tweets and weather shots. I used this feature to make a booklet of tweets that my son has made about the early days starting at dance school in London.
I think this will be great to look back on! Talking of weather it got a lot colder and wetter this week! TFLx

1 comment:

tartantaz said...

Im loving your life project. My life has been sooo different recently but thats a story for another day I think. I hope to be popping by more often for a peak at what you are up to take care T x