Monday, 1 October 2012

Celebrating World Cardmaking Day - Day 1

This Saturday will be world card making day and I want to celebrate it with a whole week of posts and some inspiration for making your own cards. I have said in the past I am not a card maker, but recently, I have been enjoying making some cards for my own use. I have long been inspired by others, but somehow find it difficult to put them together myself! I think I have realised part of the problem is organisation.
1. Think small scale - get together your papers that have small scale patterns or buy a 6x6 paper pad with scaled down designs.
2.Buy quality cards and envelopes, or make your own cards, but make sure you buy or make quality envelopes - don't skimp here, it wont work in the long run.
3. Make a dish of small scale embellishments, buttons, gems, ribbons, including some tags or mini cards to use.

4. Have a selection of inks ready and to hand - I like Prima chalk inks for edging
5. Collect a set of border punches and have then close by.
6. I also have a selection of small scale circle punches and butterflies, tab punches etc.
7. Adhesives - have a range of adhesives for different embellishments. - Don't waste acid free tape in your ATG if it's for card making, have another ATG with Scotch craft tape instead - half the price! 
8. Collect all your small scale word and phrase clear stamps together on one board close to hand, with several acrylic blocks so you don't have to keep moving them around.

9. Print off a selection of greetings in various fonts to save time and money.
10. If you have room, set up your sewing machine with a needle just for paper - so you don't blunt your fabric one, cheat with a ruler and pen for fake stitching or a sew easy tool for rows of holes.
11. Have spare left over Thickers and alpha's of various sizes, as well as washi tape to hand.
12. Love my Tiny Attacher for small scale staples, also have twine/linen string available too.

13. I also have a cheap stamp I bought with individual lettering on, that I set up for my own trade name. It saves time when you want to stamp your handmade cards on the back.

This may be all old hat to you if you are a card maker, but this is what I have learned this week! and here are phase 1 of the results!

Pop back tomorrow for the next batch of cards and some more inspiration. TFLx


MiniOwner said...

Great tips for a non-cardmaker like me. TFS
Sue x

SueB said...

Wonderful tips, thank you!!
I tend not to make cards for this very reason. I have so much stash, it's very hard to really find what I need, when I need it!
It seems crazy, but I tend to make the most mess and chaos when making just one small card, which ofcourse can be very off putting in wanting to continue making more, lol!
I like your idea of keeping your smaller items togeher for this purpose, rather than spending so much time looking for things, and pulling everything out.
I have so many beautiful stamps, which I hardly ever use, such a shame, so love the idea of keeping some already mounted, and the ones suitable for smaller projects, like cards together.
I'm generally not a card maker, for all these reasons, but also prefer to put more effort into something I think people with keep, as not everyone keeps cards, even handmade ones :(
But.... I feel totally inspired by your stunning cards, and quick and easy tips on how to create them more quickly and being better organised.
Thank you! I will have to try this myself. Suzie xxx :)