Thursday, 1 November 2012

Christmas Countdown 2012 Project 1 - Advent Calendar

You cannot think about a Christmas Countdown without an advent calendar to cross of the days until Santa comes. This year, I decided to make a different kind of calendar for my son (who is 18!) and is away at dance school in London. He wont be home until the 22nd, so I don't want him to feel he is missing all the home comforts of Christmas, I want it to be fun! Here was what I came up with.
24 Christmas treat envelopes, I bought a Christmas stocking for him to keep them all in, in his room, but if you have room to display, they would be great on a string with pegs.
The original inspiration for this project came from a Typography advent calendar here via a repin on Pinterest.
You will need:
24 Envelopes (I used C6)
A printer
Small gifts to go in each envelope
Number stamps and red ink

1. In the control panel of windows, you can access the fonts folder and print out the sample of any fonts you like using your printer and resizing the paper to take the C6 envelopes.
I selected some self seal envelopes and downloaded a few good Christmas fonts (holiday fonts) from Dafont. You don't have to install each font if you just want to print the standard worded text. Next to the install button is a print button. I included a nativity ding bat font for December 24.

2. Once I had the envelopes printed, I stamped the dates of December using red ink and a Studio Calico stamp set I had.

3. I bought a selection of treats from various shops.
Some were chocolate some were fun items, e.g.scratch cards, hot chocolate, candy canes, gold coins, (mine was for an 18 year old) just choose what you want to suit the age.

4. I used my Silhouette to print some tags for each envelope, if you would like the ideas I used the Studio file is available here for free.

5. Now just assemble the envelopes with a gift and a tag inside each one and seal. Job done! 
6. Will be giving him this to take back with him to London, just added a tag with love from mum and dad!
Join me again tomorrow for another Christmas countdown project idea. TFLx

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