Sunday, 11 November 2012

Christmas Countdown 2012 Project 11 - Christmas Cookies

Today's idea came from but I had also watched chef Ina Garten on the food network channel make Fruitcake Cookies, which looked Christmassy, so I thought I could make the cookie dough at the last minute and wrap it with the recipe on the outside, as a present for my mum. The dough once mixed, keeps in the fridge for a few days until you want to slice them and cook them, but Southern living say that these types of cookie doughs can be frozen, so you could slice up the roll and bake a few at a time as you need them.
I found the recipe fruitcake cookies recipe online here at food network and typed it out, then printed it up, but you could use any cookie recipe you like. I decided to halve this quantity as I have noticed before these American recipes can make large quantities. 
I chose a nice script font and centered the text. When I make up the dough I will first wrap it in baking parchment and then I might use foil over the top. For a decorative wrapper I plan to use Kraft wrapping paper and tie the ends with Cherry Red Baker's twine. The recipe is then wrapped on the outside. 
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Anne-Marie said...

Lovely idea, Caroline....I did something similar a few years ago for my Dad....he was Scottish, so it was Clootie Pudding for him...hahaa! Ikea has some gorgeous kraft-type wrapping paper with gingerbread men and Christmas trees in brown on the kraft....might make a nice parcel for your lovely cookies.
You're doing a fab job with all these ideas!