Friday, 16 November 2012

Christmas Countdown 2012 Project 16 - Cookie Cutter Brownies

This is another idea via Pinterest from Tip Junkie, why not cook your brownies in some Christmas cookie cutters and give the whole thing as a gift?

You will need:
One quantity of Brownie mix (I used Nigella's everyday brownies)
One set of cookie cutters
1. Make the brownie mix up, cut the choc into small pieces.
2. Grease the cookie cutters well and place on a baking sheet with non stick backing sheet. Half fill each shape with brownie mix (I found to my cost it does not pay to overfill them!!!

3. When cooked leave them in the cutters to cool. Dredge with icing sugar or decorate as they did over at Tip Junkie.
Other great ideas with cookie cutters are lining them with Christmas paper and photographs as tree decorations 
and making them into a door wreath.
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Anne-Marie said...

Love the idea of putting photos in the cutters, Caroline....and you're right about the brownies making a nice gift...yum!