Saturday, 17 November 2012

Christmas Countdown 2012 Project 17 - Snowman chocolate wrappers

Sometimes you just need 30 quick and easy treats for a class, or group or party and this is where a print and cut file comes in handy and speeds up the process! Hand finishing of the hat and scarf takes moments
I used normal bars of Cadburys chocolate, but you can resize the template to whatever you want it to be to fit your own bar. You could make a whole set of them and give them in a tub or basket, I have a son who likes this kind of chocolate only so I might make him some for a 12 days of Christmas calendar.
You will need:
Studio file here
Presentation paper for your printer (slightly thicker than normal printer paper)
Off cuts of glitter paper for the hat
Decorative edges trimmed from scrapbook paper, or ribbon or lace for a scarf
Double sided tape and glue dots

1. Print off the snowman, 2 per sheet of A4 for this size
Trim to size by hand or Cameo if necessary and fold around the chocolate bar and secure with sticky tape.
2. Cut a strip of glitter paper for the hat and wrap around the top of the chocolate bar and secure with tape or tiny attacher. Slide on the chocolate bar. Cut a length of paper for a brim and stick on the hat.
3. Wrap a length of paper or ribbon around the snowman for a scarf and secure with a glue dot.
Quick and simple, easy to make a few for a Christmas fair too for pocket money prices!! I am making them with pupils for the Christmas fair I think.
Join me again tomorrow for another Christmas countdown project idea. Why not follow my blog and then you wont miss out on a single project!! TFLx

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Hi there I havent popped by for a while - but love all your xmas countdown projects :)) x
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