Saturday, 24 November 2012

Christmas Countdown 2012 Project 24 - Subway wall art

This art form crops up all the time on Pinterest and I liked this version for Christmas I saw on a cushion. I decided to make it as wall art, to frame.
Difficult to photograph behind glass!! I made this using a selection of fonts and my Silhouette software, using just the print option not the cut, but I am sure you could make a similar thing in word.
Using the original inspiration, I selected words and typed them in my favourite fonts. I added a few more of my own phrases too. I then converted the outline of each font to the colour I wanted and made it a no cut line. I filled in some words with colour and left some blank. This is a project which you could alter to suit your own taste. I printed out on white presentation paper, but you could print out on scrapbook patterned paper cut to A4, just think what colours of type will show up. If you had a shadow box frame you could add 3D embellishments to the picture for depth, I think I may do that. A quick and easy project to print off and give, but it does take time to compose and alter all the fonts and select all the colours to outline and fill!
With this last project in the 2012 countdown completed, it just remains for me to say, Happy Christmas to you all and happy crafting, until next year.........goodnight!
P.S. Please stay around to share in my crafty bloggings!! I am a persistent blogger!!


Anne-Marie said...

This is adorable, Caroline...a fitting finale to your Christmas Projects. You've put in so much hard work, and I really appreciate that you shared your creativity so generously....thank you!

SueB said...

So sorry I've not been around lately to comment, I've been up to my crafty eyeballs making things for my recent craft fair (stall pics on my blog :) Your work is beautiful, still trying to work out how you made the amazing cushion, both projects look amazing, and wonderful gifts or for keeping for yourself :) Hope you are keeping well, and promise to pop by more often and see what lovely things you've been up to.
Suzie xxx :)