Monday, 5 November 2012

Christmas Countdown 2012 Project 5 - Christmas cushion covers

I like to do the whole decorating 'thing' at Christmas!!! All rooms! Having looked around the net, I found several cushion cover ideas and pinned some to my Pinterest board. I realised it would be a cheap makeover to make some cushion covers that fit over my normal cushions and that would give my room a great Christmas feel. I also wanted to give my Silhouette Cameo a go with the new fabric blade I bought, but you can hand cut the letters just as easily.
You will need:
A kitchen tea towel
Scraps of fabric for the letters
Vilene interfacing or bondaweb for the back
Zig Zag Sewing Machine with red thread
3 buttons

1. If you have some of the Silhouette interfacing, you can iron it on the back of your fabric and don't forget to switch the blade to a fabric blade before cutting on the correct setting. I just used Times New Roman font.
2. Select the cushion you want to cover and fold the tea towel so that is wraps around the cushion with an overlap.
This was the cushion that is normally on my sofa all year...
This is how I wanted it to look, with the opening being part of the design on the front. I was aiming for a folk art style look, as my Christmas decorations are very old fashioned style.
3. I pinned the letters in place and then stitched them with my sewing machine using a small zig zag stitch width 2 and length 1/2 or satin stitch. Carefully stitch around each letter moving the fabric all the time as you sew.
4. I stitched buttonholes to fasten the cushion cover closed, but if you are not confident to make those you could stitch Velcro and sew the button just for show on the top layer.
Two rustic tea towels for £1 have yielded two great cushion covers, well, one and another half finished at the moment, but I'm getting there!!
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Anne-Marie said...

Now, this is a treat to look at.....who'da thunk a tea towel could look so good? Great result....and thanks for your lovely head is swellin' as I type...ha!

tartantaz said...

I love this project. In fact I love all your projects. How do you find the time? I struggle to find time to breath let alone do all the things I really want to do lol

Hope you are well

T x