Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Christmas countdown 2012 Project 6 - Ribbon gift bow

I was inspired to make this having seen a similar bow on a gift box from Tie Rack. These ribbon gift bows are very simple to make with two yards of ribbon and few stitches by hand or machine. You can get a luxurious effect for that special gift or use it for a decoration, as I will when adding it to tomorrow's project. 
You will need:
1yd of 1" wide satin ribbon
1yd of 3/8" wide satin ribbon
matching thread.

1. Fold one yard of 3/8" ribbon in half and place it inside 1yd of 1" wide ribbon and stitch through all four layers close to the folded end. Cut the unfolded ends into a V shape
2. Using this template measure 3" down and make a few stitched close to the side on both edges, being sure not to catch the narrow ribbons in any stitching. Along the top edge continue to measure, this time 3.5 inches and stitch a few stitches, then 5" and stitch a few stitches, then 4.5 inches and stitch a few stitches, each time being careful to stitch the two layers of 1" ribbon without catching the narrow ribbon.

3. Repeat along the bottom edge, this time following the slightly different measurements starting with a 4" gap then a 4.5 inch gap then a 6" gap between stitches, again being certain not to catch the narrow ribbon inside. This should allow you to now draw up the bow by pulling on the two narrow ribbons only.

You should now have a lovely gift bow which you can tie into anything.
Join me again tomorrow for another Christmas countdown project idea using this bow. Why not follow my blog and then you wont miss out on a single project!! TFLx

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