Friday, 9 November 2012

Christmas Countdown 2012 Project 9 - The cardvelope

You heard it here first! I have invented the "cardvelope!" Sometimes I just like to turn something on its head and think outside the box, so I thought what if the envelope was the part of the card you kept and displayed? If you wanted to go the whole hog and do complete mail art, you could address the back and post it!
Three sides of the envelope are perforated (got that idea from my payslip!) and when you tear off the three sides the card inside is attached to the envelope and makes it stand up! Novel hey? I think it will catch on!! People wont have many of these will they? I am going to use these as my way to give gift cards or money. As the children get older, they want money not gifts so I try to buy gift cards and think of unusual ways to give them. For my other ideas, look back in previous Christmas countdowns.
You Will Need:
Topper for the front (I cut my strip tree using my Cameo and POW, the cut file is available here
Christmas greeting stamp
Paper trimmer with perforation wheel (or you could stitch with a sewing machine without any thread and the perforations will give you a tear line, or run your "Sew Easy" tool along the edges, would also work.)

1. Measure the exact size of your card that will go inside the envelope and mark where your perforated line will go on three sides of the envelope, just leaving the side opposite the opening intact. Perforate with your paper trimmer, through both layers. DO NOT SEAL THE ENVELOPE YET.
2. Add your personal greeting to the inside of the card and secure the money or gift card with a little paper strip or photo corners or a little glassine bag, to the inside of the card with the tiny attacher or glue dots. 
Run some double sided tape along the fold of the card on the outside front and carefully place the card in the envelope so that the front of the card faces the front of the envelope and the edges line up with the perforations on three sides. You want the perforations to rip off the  envelope edges around the outside of your card, not take a chunk of your card with it!! Now seal the envelope.
3. To decorate the front, cut out your topper, I used my Cameo to cut a modern tree shape.
Decorate the front of the card with sequins and the greeting.
Make sure none of your decorations go over the perforations
Add a personal label to the front so the recipient knows who it is for.
Your gift cardvelope is ready to give! I will be making a few of these!!
Tear off the three sides to open, and display!

Join me again tomorrow for another Christmas countdown project idea. Why not follow my blog and then you wont miss out on a single project!! TFLx

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