Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Christmas Countdown 2012 Project -13 Faux Mercury Glass

 I started this project trying to emulate faux mercury glass, but ended up also making some other candle jars with different effects too. Today is the Hindu festival of Diwali and I intend to give a couple of these jars to my Hindu neighbours to celebrate their festival of light.

You will need:
Empty glass jars
Lengths of wire
Chrome/mirror effect spray paint
Scraps of scrapbooking paper
Washi tape paper and the Cameo machine for the turquoise jar
Old book paper
Maya mists
Ribbon scraps

For the faux mercury glass lantern, spray the inside of your chosen jar with chrome spray paint.
I sprayed the inside not the outside as I liked the effect better. One of them I decided to try and antique the inside of the jar for an aged finish, using a pan scourer after the paint had dried.
They both give different effects and I actually like them both.

Make a wire collar for each jar, using aluminium wire from a DIY shop, with a loop on either side to attach a handle. Twist the ends of the wire with fine nosed pliers to make them safer and more decorative. Add paper cut outs or punch outs to the outside of each jar with glue, they both give nice effects. A length of ribbon also adds decoration to one side of the jar. You can use real tea lights inside or battery tea lights, but BE CANDLE SAFE, remember to never leave a candle burning unattended. 
These two taller candle jars were made using decorative paper on the outside.
 This first one was two sheets of vintage book paper joined together, sprayed with Maya mist and then punched out using two sizes of Fiskars star punches.
I glued the paper to the outside of the jar with glue stick. The wire collar and handle were made using some vine covered wire from a florist.
This second tall jar was made using a piece of script scrapbook paper out of which I hand cut a heart shape - the heart I used on the aged Faux mercury glass jar. I added a length of seam binding tape tied in a bow and a gift tag attached with rusty wire to decorate.
Finally this jar was decorated with a shape cut out from Washi paper on my Cameo. I added a Basic Gray clippings banner to the outside as well as a tag tied on with Baker's twine. Some candle sand and a battery tea light complete this one. I hope these ideas have inspired you to have a go and recycle some glass jars.
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