Sunday, 30 December 2012

Project Life....and so the year closes.....

When I blogged on December 30th last year I was telling you about this exciting new project I was undertaking. I was getting organised and talking about it and how I was worried I might not keep it going through to the end. Of course I am talking about this post here and Project Life 2012. And here it is today!
Three American Crafts 8.5 x 11 inch albums are completed, just week 52 to complete when New Years Eve is out of the way! I cannot begin to tell you how proud I am that I completed it! A huge milestone!!
This project has been an illustrated diary for me and my family. I have taken at least one photograph a day in 2012, not all are used here but some have more than one for each day, it was about pleasing myself and doing it my way.
I mixed it up with divided page protectors and whole ones, with layouts taking a whole page and another page of collage pictures. I added ephemera, I added flaps and half pages and spinners and photo stack etc. etc. etc. It might not be everyones cup of tea that I mixed and matched but it is our record of our year.
The title page was here. I shared hints and tips here. My first layouts were here. You can see all of them in two slide shows in the side bar. My final pages I have completed tonight

I had wondered whether I would do the last few weeks of December because I was doing my December Daily, but I decided to and this last page came together with offcuts from my December Daily pages stitched together to link the two. 
So what have I learnt? It is important to have a good photo organisation system on your PC, if you don't you will have fun and games!!
Each month I have a new folder Dec 2012 etc and inside I label each folder with the date. When I upload photos I put them in dated folders and then if I am scrapping later the dates are easy and the photo's help me remember the story. My camera phone and 'Instagram' have been my favourite way of recording the everyday, particularly as the year has gone on and I have learnt more!! I use 'dropbox' app to transfer any photo's to my PC and they arrive dated so I can pop them straight in the right place. I have done this all year and it is a tried and tested method for me!
So with no more ado, I leave you to contemplate whether 2013 might be your year to start, as I move to the American Crafts 12x12 albums for next year, with some divided page protectors and some not. I will be back to share with you my ideas for this year!!! TFLx

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Nicole K/GothamGal said...

Love seeing this completed--congratulations!
Those 8.5x11 albums look like they have quite the adventures, and I am super excited to see your 2013--I am also doing 12x12 and will be using the SC kit.
Happy new year!