Monday, 30 January 2012

Project Life week 4

It has been a busy weekend this weekend! DS1 came home and I spent the weekend showing him around blogland so he can start one, the trouble was that Wordpress is not as familiar to me as Blogger, so it was a steep learning curve for me too! Anyway, we got there in the end! last night, after he went back to Uni, I managed to fit in my Project Life pages. I printed out the pictures using my Selphy and then wrote up the journaling. This week, I used some October afternoon rub-ons on the outside of the page protectors to add a different dimension and edged my journaling strips using a border punch. I split a photo between two and three pockets on the left hand page.
One was a photo of a dance certificate DS2 got this week - another distinction! Yay! The other was a photo taken from the net of the local hospital where I took mum for her appointment last week, as I forgot to photograph it myself! Some October afternoon journaling cards cut down to the pocket size I needed.
I was brave and included a photo of me having my hair coloured this week too! The old photo was the heritage one I was scanning earlier in the week.
UK Scrappers had a great link to this site this week, with free downloadable project life journaling cards, that are great! Thanks Louise.
Right, better get cracking on my school lesson plans! It's lunchtime already! TFLx

Friday, 27 January 2012

Project Life Stamps

 Just ordered these two sets of stamps  from Studio Calico today at their reveal, but was very lucky to get the last two sets I think!
Really wanted the Jenni Bowlin file tab punch, but missed out on that.
Spent today with Mum and Dad,  totally forgot to take any pictures of them! Was showing dad Google maps and how you can walk down the street anywhere in the country! He was very impressed with the street view and looking at his old village, we were able to compare the old postcards with what is still left there today! He could not believe it! TFLx

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Updating the heritage photo collection

We found some more old photo's at mum and dads house last week, when I was there, some I had not seen for ages, from when dad was young. Mum and dad called on Sunday and brought them for me to scan, so I can get a good look at them close up as they are rather small! I just get sucked right in, my investigating moves from one thing to the next, take this photo for example
This photo is my grandparents on honeymoon in Scotland! (No idea who the guy on the left is!) I was fascinated to see my Nana holding a copy of the Daily Mirror, as she waited for the next steamer on her tour of the Scottish Lochs. 
I tried researching the family tree and found out from the family tree they were married in July 1912. I researched the front covers of the Daily Mirror online for July and August, but did not find one that looked like this. I then decided to research the big news stories of 1912 and of course that was the year The Titanic went down and June was when they launched the official enquiry. The 5th Olympic games were held in Stockholm. They started in May with the tennis, then June with the football and ended in July. 1912 was also the year the Royal Flying Corps was established and there were lots of news stories about flight. 1912 saw Scott and his team reach the South Pole, all this I find out because my Nana was holding a copy of the daily paper.
So for todays picture I will search out and photograph a front page of a newspaper to reflect the stories of the day. Something that has stuck in my mind from the news recently, is the wreck of the Costa Concordia. In this day and age, how could this happen? In 100 years time will my grandchildren or great grandchildren be comparing these tradegies 100 years apart?
Scrapping the everyday in your albums is just as important when thinking of the minutia. How a label will change on a tin of soup, to the fact that we may not even have newspapers in the future! It will all be important. I am sure when my Nana took this photo, she was not aware of the changes ahead.

My Nana remembered the first motor car coming to her village and a man walking in front of it with a red flag! We also found this war bond postcard showing the new fangled tanks for the imminent war. What treasures. TFLx

Monday, 23 January 2012

Week 3 Project Life

This is the left hand page. I used my main photo of Barney on his 14th birthday and also a hand cut title from a file that Ali Edwards had as a free download. If you are lucky enough to own a die cutter, the file is available for that, but I printed it and hand cut it (yes, really) and added it to the layout along with a journaling card about the week. The pictures for this weeks pages are all done digi with dates from a set I bought over at o-scraps. I added some card stock stickers afterwards to the outside of the page protectors. I am not usually a digi or a hybrid person, but I am looking for new ideas as with this album I want to keep it as flat as possible and so I need to look to add dimension in other ways than I normally do. 
The right hand page has a 12 pocket protector filled with photo's that are sometimes one per day and in the case of the panorama photo in the middle, I cut it into four equal parts. The photo bottom left goes across two pockets too. I have not had much memorabilia in this album yet, so I added the receipt from my supermarket shop this week. Stickers are on the outside of the pockets again. A few photo's were from my i-phone this week and I used a photo of myself watching TV one night to convert to a pencil line drawing as it was very dark to use as it was and I was not really happy with it.
This was the whole double page spread as I finished it late last night. I consider them to be two halves, they are meant to be viewed independently. They don't have to match. I have gone back through the album and added Washi tape externally to the page protectors and used it over the edges where I felt there was a possibility that a layout might fall out. I have also added some tabs to the top edge of the 8.5x11 protectors.
I have downloaded some new 4x6 Paislee press cards for journaling and made my own templates in Photoshop for all the pocket sizes I am using, so that it is easier to adjust pictures and print out to an exact size. My Photoshop elements skills are improving with this project! Pity my photography isn't! Lol! Still working on that!
Here was I thinking this week had been a slow week! I still found plenty to fit in! Ideas for this coming week include a list of TV programs I am enjoying at the moment, as I don't often watch TV! TFLx

Friday, 20 January 2012

Don't go to bed without me!

Barney, 2 minutes ago, laid near the clean laundry on the stairs, waiting to go to bed! Late in the day photo today! TFLx

Thursday, 19 January 2012

On the up, Blue skies ahead!

Yesterday and today  have been pretty much wiped out with a headache which came on when I got in from work last night. I therefore did not manage a picture yesterday, but today I managed quite a few, so that makes up for it. I had to go on an errand in Hull and when I looked at the sky, it inspired me to take a few pics. 
This is the maritime museum, (housed in the former Docks Offices building,) then there is the city hall (which did get some bomb damage in the war)
and Ferens art gallery, all facing each other. (Applied a filter to this photo)
Hull so often gets a bad press, but there are plenty of fine buildings to see. I took these on my i-phone and emailed them to my PC. After visiting M&S to purchase my tea, I grabbed a sandwich and took it to the Humber Bridge viewing area, as the light was so good for photo's. 

The water was very choppy today, but the sunshine was great and I love taking these silhouette type pictures into the sun at midday - a definite no-no for some people! I have applied some Photoshop actions to a couple of them. Told you I made up for no photo's yesterday! These were all taken with my point and shoot digital camera, which I keep in my handbag now I am doing Project Life. Sometimes it is good to get out and photograph in our own region. I rarely go into Hull these days, but I don't have any photo's of it, although I have photographed the bridge before. The boat and the barge on the river today reminded me of my youth, as they go all the way up to Goole and Selby on this river and used to pass by the bottom of our garden. Watching the barges was something we did as children, sitting on the riverbank, there were a lot more around then! TFLx

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Quick post!

Sharing another layout from my album, using stamping in Versamark ink for a shadow effect border. Ran the cardboard flower shapes from Basic Grey through the Cuttlebug with an embossing folder, to add some texture, then frayed the edges of a fabric flower for the lower layer. The flags are held in place with Washi tape.
Today's photo is of my blog an everyday part of my life and sanity!! Lol! TFLx

Monday, 16 January 2012

Three more 12 x 12 layouts

 A layout of my son on his 21st birthday, using one of his cards, from his elderly grandparents on the layout.
 Mum and dad on their 56th wedding anniversary in December. Used a glimmer mist and a Studio Calico mask.
A layout about making my December Daily album for 2011. Used some Washi tape here.
My photo for today was taken this morning, whilst walking Barney. The sky was blue and there were two jet streams. TFLx

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Project Life week 2 plus some tips!!

I have spent today getting my project life folder up to date and completing the double page spread.
I am learning as I go along. I thought this week was going to be a slow week, but by taking a photo a day I had plenty to choose from. I have learnt how to email photo's from Instagram on my i-phone which is speeding up the procedure. I did try to use i-cloud, but as I don't have a MAC I need to extra software that I am not prepared to buy to get the PC to link and download pictures directly on  its own. I have used Picasa (free) to make collage prints and then print them out at various sizes. I am also making myself use Photoshop elements more and have found out how to print a photo at an exact size, so the frost picture on the left had text added and then was printed to fit exactly in this three pocket protector. I also used Picasa to print some pictures like Polaroid prints.
I mentioned last week I was making some journaling cards using my background stamps and the reverse side of single sided scrapbook paper, with pale coloured ink. These are the results.

I do have a large acrylic block I bought from eBay for my large background stamps, but I now prefer my Fiskars large stamp press. I also die cut some file cards using the Tim Holtz file tab on the edge die. These I can fold to create areas for secret journaling in a pocket.
Today I decided to add some patterned paper cards into my Project Life basic box, so that I can grab various pre-cut sizes to make the album up quicker. I measured the sizes of my pockets on the various page protectors, then raided my scrap paper offcuts box and cut various pieces to fit. These I have grouped and labelled in my Project Life stash box.

The journaling cards are at the front, including October afternoon journaling cards from my stash too.
Another essential tool is a date stamp. I bought this a while ago from The Range and it is useful for labelling individual items. Again you can stamp on the reverse side of single sided scrapbook paper to make sure it is acid free, or on any pale background papers. I used Jenni Bowlin 'spiced tin' ink.
Sorry this is a long post, but I just thought I would pass on the tips I have learnt so far! I have also created an embellishment box, so I can grab this box too for embellishing finished pages.
Let me know if you are tackling project life too this year! TFLx

Saturday, 14 January 2012

More November Layouts

Another couple of layouts off the production line, for my 50th year album. November layouts Christmas Cake, about the cakes I made this year in individual tins......

 and Christmas countdown crafts, the projects I made for the 2011 Christmas countdown on my blog.
I tried to use card stock for the background on both of these, but it was not easy! The top one was using a sketch and I misted using one of my new Studio Calico masks in the top right hand corner (just visible) The lower layout was using a core-dination card stock, that I sanded and used my punches to create holes in the background (with my Fiskars anywhere punch sunburst) and punch outs, raised on the surface. The collage photo is of all 25 projects from the countdown.
My photo's for today are of the frost this morning. TFLx

Friday, 13 January 2012

Layouts, Layouts, Layouts!

I got in the craft room yesterday after printing off the remaining photo's for my weekly layouts of my 50th year album. I got a few done and hopefully more will get finished today. I really like January for getting to grips with my "unfinished symphonies!" Last year I finished off loads of part-done projects and I am determined to get my 50th year album completed, so I can focus more on Project Life.
This is a photo of my 11.11.11 layout. I was lucky that this date fell during my 50th year, a rare event in itself. I even managed a photo at 11.11am. of my i-phone,  for the minutes silence. A snapshot of a day in my life, including the things I ate and the things I did.
This was another photo from November, of my dad wearing his medals for the Cenotaph parade where they live.
I am enjoying layouts on patterned paper backgrounds again, plain card stock is proving more challenging to me at the minute!
Yesterday I was looking for a photo of Barney's friend Lewis, as some sad news reached me that he had passed away. He was younger than Barney, so that has made me realise we are now really on borrowed time with Barney. Lewis was the dog of someone I met whilst dog walking, she herself lost her life to cancer in 2008 and Lewis was the remaining link with her. I am sure I have scrapped this photo, but cannot find the layout, maybe I imagined it?
If I haven't I need to do it right now! TFLx
Today's photo's were
 A new recipe I tried for tea
and a post box.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Photo's for today

 Barney very very wet after his walk!
 My coffee pod treat after walking the dog!
Doing the laundry, wont this look old fashioned in years to come!