Sunday, 29 April 2012

Bad, bad, bad blogger!!!

I can't believe I have not had time to blog this week! After I promised myself I would blog everyday!! I have been busy designing some Jubilee/Olympic items for my Etsy shop!
 I have got the hang of the Studio software now! This is a pen draw and cut.
 This is a print and cut larger scale...
 and smaller scale,
and a die cut Union jack. 
 All packaged up and ready for my shop, vintageadvantage.
I also used this silhouette file to cut a couple of union jacks, which I have glued together to make an embossing folder!
Still not perfect yet but it's coming!
Talking of London, DS2 is back in London for his final audition for Dance school.
and talking of trains, Ds 1 was home this week after handing in his final dissertation for his degree and before his final exam.
Can't believe he is coming to the end of his three year degree. So proud of both of them. TFLx
P.S. I promise some crafty posts this week.

Monday, 23 April 2012

Collage photo of my day!

This will be great to add to Project Life for a change. A snapshot of one of my days. If you have been following me on Twitter, you will have seen these throughout the day, but for those who don't tweet, here is the day so far! (Collage made using Picasa) Even included St George as it is St George's day!
Using this lovely retro dress from Ben de Lisi at Debenhams, from when I was virtual shopping this morning, I have created a colour palette, love them together!  TFLx

P.S. My Etsy store "vintageadvantage" is here if you want to take a look. More items will be appearing shortly!

Ali Edwards Week in the life

I have decided to do it as a day in the life, using Instagram photo's today. Why not follow my tweets on Twitter and keep up with my day! TFLx

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Spring Cleaning!!

I have been thinking about it for a while, but now I have finally persuaded hubby to help me move my craft desk from the small bedroom upstairs, down into my home office - a tight squeeze!! This is because I anticipate a lot of crafting near the PC if I get a Cameo for my birthday (here's hoping!!) so, in anticipation of needing to have everything on hand, we did it!! I now have two desks!! One for PC use and one for crafty use!
I really enjoyed myself on Friday night, designing some items with my Studio Software, to put in my Etsy shop and it occurred to me that I am spending more time down here and less time up there, in the craft room! I knew both desks were from IKEA and oak, so they matched, so I thought it would look OK. It's tight, but I can just fit them in with my chair moving between the two. Since this photo was taken, Barney has now got his basket under the far table as he needs to be here with me!! I have spent most of the day running up and down stairs with stash and although I can't fit it all in, I have got the basics right here to hand!Even the two IKEA desk lights match! Perfect! All I need now is for my Cameo to move in!!! LOL! It is therapeutic purging your stash and it focuses the mind! 
I also think my lack of 12 x 12 scrapping was because I had nowhere to store them! I moved the bookcase out of the office, upstairs and now have all my albums together in one place! The kitchen dresser has been reclaimed from albums and I can store extra stash in those cupboards for easy access. I have put all my embossing items together in a storage box, all my die cutting items together in another and all my punches (apart from my favourites) in another! I love being neat and tidy! It gives me a great feeling! TFLx

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Organising the little things in one space!!!

When I started out on Project Life, I mentioned being organised would help you achieve it, and I gave out some tips here. I have since developed my technique somewhat and my embellishments box has turned into an RUB!

This is partly because I scrap sometimes upstairs in my craft room and sometimes downstairs next to the PC so this is an easy box to grab and walk with!
We all have bits and pieces we collect and things left over from kits we have not used, our go to inks and a few stamps. Here is how I have them.

Hubby kept giving me his empty business card boxes and I used them to divide up the space within the RUB. These are not all of my supplies, just a few of each type, like brads, Washi, die cut shapes, chipboard shapes buttons, ribbon, tickets, twine, gems, pearls, flowers etc, etc. Sometimes I will print something to use on a layout and then decide not to, they are all here! It may look organised, but I can thoroughly recommend it. It helps get Project Life done! TFLx

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Project Life Week 15!

Still keeping up! I am surprised with myself and secretly quite happy that I have stuck to this project! This week I trimmed a 12 pocket page protector down to 9 pockets by taking the top row off with my trimmer, so I could add an extra page for more journaling and small photo's as the other pockets were big and filled easily! It was Easter this week, and I wanted to add some Easter cards from my mum and sister, as well as another from a pupil at school with my name on the envelope. 
I also decided to add a photo of my new dress and some details about it, including the label. In the future, the style and the price might be interesting!! I wore it for dad's 88th birthday party so a collage of all the family, at the Sunday Lunch is on the facing page.
For the journaling, I created a background blank, the size of the pocket on my 12 pocket page protector, in Photoshop Elements and typed up the journaling with my CK Ali's handwriting font. I printed it on a sheet of A4.
I was then able to glue a piece of patterned paper on the top of this with re positional glue, to feed it through the printer again, so it typed on my American Crafts Neapolitan paper. I alternated the journaling cards with cut down versions for my Instagram photo's for the week. I also cut this cute mat using a Craft Robo and some Kraft card stock.
I do want to apologise for the break in blogging during the Easter break, this was not deliberate, it just happened. Hope to be back on track now. TFLx

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Project Life Week 14

 Here is my Project Life album for Week 14. A busy week this week for the first week of the Easter Holidays from school and includes my anniversary and my dad's birthday, as well.
 I used the Week 14 journal card that I cut, as a photo mat under the first photo on the left hand page. I also used the second one as a hidden journal card on the right hand page.
I slit open the bottom of one of the pockets on the left hand side of this page with my craft knife, so that I could slide in the map for Trafford Centre that we visited this week, when we went to Manchester. The journaling on the page above, was done using the free 'Ali' handwriting font I mentioned a few weeks ago, writing on a pre-sized page pocket template in Photoshop elements and printing out on a scrapbook paper. To save paper, I printed it in draft on a normal piece of copy paper, then taped the small sized piece of patterned paper over it with repositionable tape, before running through my printer again. My overall colour theme this month was pastels, pink, green and lemon. Another week done! TFLx

Monday, 9 April 2012

Project Life Freebie!

I am so proud of myself! I designed a Silhouette Studio file for a Week 13 journaling card and cut it using a Craft Robo! A first for me! It is 3 x 5 inches to fit inside a 4 x 6 page protector with a border of patterned paper. You could use it for a photo mat too! There are two available to download and cut here. You can re size them easily too. 
The font I used is Pacifico, available free from here if you want to use some for jounaling to match up on your page!
Please leave a comment to let me know how you get on if you use them! I cut mine on MME Stella Rose paper and cut it twice because it was thick. With this old Robo, C100-20,  I cut most things twice to be certain.
Better go and use them!! TFLx
Updated! Just realised it was Week 14 I needed! So have this one too!

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Project Life Week 13

This week also had an insert page including DS2's Student representative questions from Rock Challenge, a Pizza Express menu and my school's church Easter Service sheet and palm cross from the last day of school before the holidays. I also managed to print the weather pages from my iphone for this week's hot temperatures. I was even brave enough to include a self portrait with NO MAKE-UP!!!! One quarter of the year done already!! At least I am keeping up with it! Love it! TFLx

Friday, 6 April 2012

Easter week catch -up!

Good Friday breakfast.
It has been a quick week this week! That's what happens when we break up from school! Time speeds up! here is this week in pictures!
Monday was my 24th wedding anniversary. I made this card for hubby, inspired by a card I saw over at SC by Dawn McVey.
 This is my version.

 Went here for lunch.
 Got this gorgeous bouquet.
Took our self portrait!
Picked DS1 up from his student house and brought him home for Easter.
Wednesday was my daddy's 88th birthday but I was away over the Pennines to Manchester with hubby on a business trip.
Got caught up in the traffic over the M62, but got there eventually for hubby's business dinner.
Stayed at a hotel at the airport.
Gave Trafford centre a once over yesterday.
In crafty terms, not a very productive week! I have completed Week 13 project life and will post that shortly. Good news is I have been taking daily photo's still!
Today I am meeting mum and dad for lunch for dad's birthday and we have a big family celebration planned for Sunday lunch, will report back later! TFLx