Tuesday, 31 December 2013

December Daily days 7,8,9,10,11,12

 Stitching on these pages and a pocket for some sequins....

Sequin pocket with a stamped wood slice inside.

 Cut outs from the 25 days class on POW paper using my Cameo
Sequins stitched in a pocket with a wood veneer photo frame.

 Embossed vellum and embossed wood veneer.


Sunday, 29 December 2013

December Daily re-hash 1,2,3,4,5 & 6

I just wasn't happy with it! I just had to go back and rehash it, that's the beauty of page protectors. I felt it was too busy, so I inserted extra cards to simplify it and I removed some of the strong colours and redid a few photo's a bit lighter and I like it!
 Details - I added the ribbon from our Swedish hamper to the cover...
and made a tab out of it for the first page. 

I made the first two pages much clearer by simplifying the colours and lightening it all up so it was not so busy. (Go back and compare and see if you agree.)
I kept some red and green on this page...
and mixed it with pink on this page.
 This page (above)I introduced a see through element top right by stitching a bit of ribbon and a word printed on acetate to a Studio Calico Magical acetate cut out with snow flakes on.
 A few bits of red here and there.
 Above, I introduced a scrapbook page just on normal paper without a page protector to add a bit of variety. The back of it below was used too and I included some glitter paper die cuts and flair. 
Above, the right hand page protector has a card from Studio Calico that I stitched to an acetate from studio Calico and inserted some star sequins inside. This stops them coming out of the page protector.
I also stapled a wood veneer to an acetate card from the magical collection here...
and then backed it from the other side with a light blue journaling card.
I have finished my album up to Christmas day now but have had to stop because it was getting too full! Now playing catch up with project life. TFLx

Monday, 16 December 2013

December Daily days 3, 4,5 & 6

Playing catch up with my December daily after feeling yuk with the dreaded lurgy!! 
We went to London for a night for hubby's birthday and stayed in a hotel at Tower Hill. We saw the Christmas lights of London and I enjoyed adding this to my December Daily. The Studio Calico card with a snowglobe was great to document the snowglobe they have placed over the Eros statue at Piccadilly Circus.

Monday, 2 December 2013

December Daily Day 1 & 2

Opening pages for December 1st and 2nd in my album.
 Just added a small photo of the advent calendar to one 3x4 card and some journaling to another, with some mini alphas and my gold sticker numbers.
Day 2 has a photo with a digital stamp brush "merry & bright" to echo the wood veneer card. I staples an arrow to the wood veneer using my tiny attacher and journaled on one of my stitched tags about the Christmas baubles. All done and dead easy to keep i simple when you haven't much time. TFLx

Saturday, 30 November 2013

December Daily all prepped and ready to go videos!

December Daily 2013 album Part 1

December Daily 2013 album Part 2

Final mini clip of remaining pages.

I sound so serious!!! Ha ha ha! TFLx
Just to clarify I did not buy the Dec Daily 2013 kit from Studio Calico, I bought the 25 days class that came with a free bonus kit, now sold out.
I also included cards from the Holiday cards add on for Project life kit

Bumper Christmas Final Countdown close-down!! So sorry......

we were a few days short this year, but Ofsted got in the way!! (If you are a teacher you will totally relate!!)
Here are the few ideas I did not get to share with you, all in one bumper post!!
This is my first Pinspiration board of ideas for Envelopes, stitched page protectors, doileys, and twine.
There are lots of mini envelopes out there to buy or you could make your own.
Here are a few I collected from my stash that I intend to include. Also glassine bags for layering and as pockets.

Doileys are a big trend at the moment and I have even seen them made into envelopes (see above). I used a gold doiley on my front cover.
Twine is a lovely thing to include, I love the red and white but there are lots of choices!
I have used it for tying and for stitching as well as on tags and envelopes.
Fabric, ribbon, alphabet thickers, buttons, brads as well as embossing folders, vintage graphics and Christmas Quotes.
Fabric can be included in various ways. You can stamp on it and print on it as well as make a complete page out of it and mist it! Above I have pinned some ideas for brads and buttons in the shapes of trees and baubles, as well as just grouping them in coloured rows. You can even stitch them to paper clips or sticky back canvas. 
Cover plain or mismatched thickers with Washi tape.
I have a Christmas quotes board over on Pinterest and I have used a few already but there are loads more you could include. I typed one onto some fabric. 
 Embossing folders can be good with metal foil and starched fabric, that I pre-misted.
 Here is one of my favourite graphics from the Graphics fairy, but she has lots of free images you could use.
I printed this on book paper and calligraphy scrapbook paper, but you can also sketch them with sketch pens and print them on fabric! Possibilities are endless!
Finally you can stitch straight through your page protectors to make great little pockets and frames. I love what Maggie Holmes and Lisa Truesdell have done with theirs.
Maggie Holmes
Lisa Truesdell
More ideas on my December Daily Board here.
Here are some pockets I stitched from a cut down 12 x 12 page protector, that I can add as and when. I secured the wood veneers with sticky dots and stitching. The sequins are free. The first pocket has one of my quotes printed on acetate in it too. 
I hope you have enjoyed these ideas I have shared and you are inspired to create your own December Daily kit or use some of them to add to one you have bought. I hope to make a short video of mine today to share what it looks like already. TFLx