Saturday, 5 January 2013

A Peek into my craft space

I'm not sure what we like more, crafting with our supplies or organising our supplies!! In my experience, crafters are often seeking the optimum storage solution!! Last year I moved my craft space from an upstairs bedroom into my small home office, when I bought my Silhouette Cameo. I needed to have computer and crafting items all in one place.
I have an L-shaped work area with my computer on the left hand desk and then my other craft desk under the window.
This desk, which I bought from IKEA, has a pull out section which I have pulled out just enough to squeeze my sewing machine on to! Down the right hand side of this desk there is just room for a tall CD unit from IKEA which stores my ribbons and mists.
I also keep a box with my various paper trimmers and guillotines on the floor down here. Notice Barney has to have his basket under my desk too!! On this desk you can see my Christmas present! Martha Stewart desk tidy in duck egg blue. My son also bought me a new craft mat so that is all in place!
Under the pull out section of my desk I have these two items - both from IKEA! The left hand chest of drawers has had a chequered career! It was under my younger son's desk for years, then stored cleaning materials in my airing cupboard, then went away with my elder son to University for three years! When he came back last year, I snapped it up for storage as it just fits under here perfectly! The top drawers is all fitted out with embellishments in business card boxes I have recycled from hubby. The middle drawer has all my alphas, in packets on their sides, slit open along one long edge. The bottom drawer has my "go to" punches in it. The RUB 12 x 12 paper boxes on the right hand unit (a former TV & video unit) store all my papers. One has all my card, one has any 12 x 12 papers in full sheets, one has items for my card making and one has my latest Studio Calico kit. The brown box has one unopened Studio Calico kit in it. This is the total of my paper supplies. I radically reduced my stocks last year and sold a lot of extras on eBay, I just get my Studio Calico kits now and no supplies from anywhere else and I think it has helped me, having less to choose from. I keep taking lost of things I have finished with to school for card club, but also I have just sorted out two boxes of items I don't use for another eBay purge, coming soon.
These two sets of IKEA boxes have always been in the craft room in various guises! The one on the left, I have just brought down again today from upstairs and it will be undergoing a makeover shortly so it blends with my other Sassafrass ones. I keep my inks and small punches in the right hand side one along with my acrylic blocks, roller date stamps, twine and sewing items. The left hand side set just have Washi tape in. On top of these drawers, I have my little project life basket. In the covered wine box on the right hand set of drawers, I have larger pieces of patterned paper and 6x6 paper pads, along with my font reference cards and class instructions. The little silver box holds my small paper scraps trimmed to 7x4 (the size the box was!) anything smaller than this goes to school!
I have finished my stamp storage (a la Kinsey Wilson) using these DVD jewel cases. Never have my clear stamps been so organised and I am much better for it! I have used them a lot more! I have kept all the backing sheets for reference in my small A5 file that matches my Martha Stewart desk organiser. I have sold a lot of stamps I don't use too. Mostly wooden ones. You can get boxes like this from eBay. Here is where I got mine.
To the right of my desk, on top of the CD drawer tower, I have another wooden box with my ATG gun and adhesives in.. I keep my Cropadile handy by my desk lamp and then the three pen pots hold my favourite pens and tools.
Under my desk I have balanced my Selphy photo printer on top of my tower! 
A bit precarious, but workable. My Cameo is stored on the shelf above my desk and I just lift it down when I need it.
The tall magazine organizers hold my photo and printer papers and my Photoshop Elements text book! The smaller IKEA storage boxes hold my ink cartridges and smaller photo paper, plus handy desk items.
I hope you have enjoyed a peek into my craft space and my latest reorganisation! Working from a smaller stash has made life easier for me! (Although I do overflow into the kitchen dresser and cupboard under the stairs for items I don;t use all the time!!) TFLx
P.S. What did we do before IKEA?
Talking of stash, I will be back tomorrow with some sneak peaks of new lines from CHA!


SueB said...

Wonderful craft room!

I have spent all of today sorting through mine, and having a total clear out and major purge!

I found my room just wasn't working for me, so decided to reorganise everything, so that things were within easy reach.
And having a lot less helps too :)

I have also bought a few of the Martha Stewart range, love it!!!! bought it on offer, but has now gone up to full price :(

I was amazed at well organised your room is, and how little "stuff" you seem to have, and yet you produce the most amazing things (always!)
This is where I am aiming to get to!
I totally agree with you about having less to choose from, it can feel totally overwhelming when there is too much "stuff".

Love your stamp CD storage, I have tried sooooo many ideas, and at the moment have them stored in some Martha Stewart boxes, but it's difficult to get to them and see clearly what you have, so may try your idea.
Do the cases come with the clear box you have? it looks fantastic!

Well done on your sort out, it all looks fantastic!
Suzie xxx :)

SusieJ said... organised are you???
I'm totally envious of you having a dedicated space..I'm still using the dining room..
Love the way you've purged too..I love my paper storage units (bought from a shop that was closing) but I did feel the need to "fill" them and have waaay too much paper...sigh..
Happy New Year CC.
Hugs xx

voodoo vixen said...

It all looks so neat and clean, I have to admit I do work better when my room is too and I know where things are when I want them and don't have to hunt for half an hour!!