Thursday, 24 January 2013

How to make a Chalkboard '&' card for project life

Chalkboard seems to everywhere and I have been collecting ideas on my Pinterest board. I have been collecting free fonts that look like hand sketched for a while too. I got some ideas for those too from Pinterest. 
There is a free chalkboard background download here, in three colours, that I used for this project.
The fonts I chose to use were 'Grutch shaded', 'Sketchetik' and I can't remember the other one but will try to find out! All from free font sites. I also used Photoshop Elements software.

Open the chalkboard background in Photoshop Elements then re size to you page protector pocket size, mine was a 3 x 4 card. Select the colour choice for the font and then the font you want to use. Type the ampersand and then re size by highlighting and clicking on the size box next to the font name, enter your own size e.g. 300 and press return. The ampersand should then be approx the size of your background. If not, enter a different font size in the box and click return again until you get that right. When I am happy, I click 'save as' and save it as a jpg in my Project Life folder so I will know where to find it.
I then open up word and insert several of these images and print them off on presentation paper (see first photo above), to use less ink, trim them down and keep them on hand in my Project Life basket.
Hope you have enjoyed this quick tutorial. Remember you can use the same technique for quotes too! Off to do just that! TFLx

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