Sunday, 13 January 2013

Little black dress invitations

I have really enjoyed my Cameo since I got it for my birthday last year and have used it a lot. A friend of mine asked me to make her some 50th party invitations and between us, we came up with this little black dress invite, and I decided to put it in a DL cellophane "garment" bag rather than an envelope as most of them will be hand delivered.

In the final version, I found pearls on a roll for the necklaces instead of the gold chain.
The pattern was made in three pieces, the back in white card, the front dress in black card and the coat hanger, a print and cut clip art image. The invitation details are printed on the white dress shape, before cutting out. The three layers are stitched together at the shoulders with my sewing machine.
By cutting the dress level at the base it stands up. So that you know who you addressed it to, once it is inside the dress bag of cellophane, I added a tag to the outside. I used a Fiskars tag punch for this.

A top tip for printing on card stock that your printer finds difficult to feed, is to create a carrier sheet, by taping the card stock to a normal piece of A4 using Washi tape, stepping the leading edge of card stock slightly back from the paper.
This fools your printer into thinking it is just normal paper, without the design being shunted off the edge.
I did the whole print and cut through my Cameo, by adding registration marks using the Silhouette software. When you have printed and then added the card to the cutting mat, don't forget to detect the registration marks before doing the cutting. You must do this after each new sheet is added to the cutting mat as they may have printed in a slightly different position on the card each time.
If your Cameo cutting mat is loosing some of its stickiness, you can also Washi tape it down as the Washi is only a very delicate form of sticky tape and is easily removable. TFLx


mara said...

Hello, Love the invitation. Found you in a search on Pinterest because i'm planing my 51st birthday for January 2016 and LBD is the theme. What is the width and height of the dress? did you print/cut the hanger too? I downloaded some dress files to my Silhouette studio and will be practicing.

cannycrafter said...

Hi there Mara, the dress size was just wide enough to fit across A4 so it fitted in a DL card bag nicely. The hangers were clip art I printed and cut with my cameo. Hope that helps.