Sunday, 10 February 2013

Do it yourself light box

My photo's have never been as good as they might have been, usually because I craft at night after work and at this time of year, I have not time to photograph in daylight, even if we get some! I have just finished the little project above, for a 50th present for someone and I needed to photograph it, when I came across this post somewhere on the net and decided to make my own light box! I made it pretty much as the instructions said.
 I bought two little high powered torches from Tesco for £3 each and used my daylight lamp overhead propped up on a storage box.
As you can see the side torches are balanced on two drinking glasses - not high tech at all, but I love the results!
The photo's are clear and the colours true!

I experimented with photographing cards too, laid down and stood up.
This one was trickier with shiny objects on the front!

I had great fun! I think my photo's have stepped up a notch! TFLx

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