Sunday, 3 February 2013

Project Life catch up weeks 3 and 4

With going to London last weekend to see DS2, I was a bit behind with Project Life so I tried to catch up yesterday whilst hubby and DS1 were out at football.
It was all about the snow in week 3! I did one big picture of the snow and a snow collage, as well as using a cloud acetate sheet from a recent Studio Calico kit in a pocket to leave it transparent. I also printed a definition of Thunder Snow on a journaling card, as we had some of that rare phenomena too!
I also included a letter from Violets niece written in response to my letter on her death, on black edged notepaper, I did not know people still used that even!! 
My Studio Calico kit arrived so a tag and some packaging completed the week.
 Week 4 was mostly about our trip to London. As we still had the snow, the acetate cloud pocket worked from this side too. 
A few pictures of DS2 at dance school from his Instagram feed and a print screen of a conversation we had, as well as a photo from our local Journal of him when he was at our local dance school before he left. 
 I cut down a page protector to include an extra half sheet of pictures and postcards of London......
 as well as the tickets and ephemera from the trip on a 12 x 12 collage page.
Phew! Up to date as far as this week, unfortunately I have very few photos from week five as I was so busy, so need to think how I can be creative with that spread! TFLx


Sandra said...

This is my first time of doing project life, so it's great to see how you've done yours. I love the idea of cutting down a page protector ... I'll certainly use that idea

laura kate said...

Excellent pages about London. You captured all the fun bits about being a tourist without it being cheesy at all! :)